Computer Repairs in Adelaide

IT-Solve specialises in providing IT Services & Computer Repair near Adelaide by dispatching computer technicians to your home or office. Over the years we covered Adelaide and part of South Australia offering fast and hassle-free Onsite Computer repair solutions, as a result of our determination and support quality we have received exceptional feedbacks from our customers.

We are always on call-out and most likely any time of the day we have a computer technician near you, why not call us and get in your computer fixer today?

We are determined to bring you highly specialised computer engineers with years of experience in IT Support and Computer repairs. As we specialise in call-out Computer Repairs in Adelaide, there is no need to worry about carrying your computer outside of the house or driving with hours in the area trying to locate computer repair shop. We come to your doorstep at convenient time for you, following your time schedule.

Call us today to book your Computer Repair, we can arrange a home visit at suitable time for you.

We also do evening call-outs, so you don’t need to take day off to get your computer sorted.

Mac Computer Repair at your Home

Mac Repairs at your Home

iMac and Macbook Repairs at your Home

If you are experiencing problems with your iMac, Mac Pro or Macbook, give us a call for a consultation and advice how it can be repaired or its performance boosted.

We have repair shops competitive rates, since we don’t have to rent on the high street. All this at the convenience of repair carried at your premises.

Computer Repairs we Do:

  • Not turning iMac repair
  • iMac not connecting to Internet repair
  • Macbook with slow internet repair
  • iMac not opening applications repair
  • Slow Internet repair
  • Mac printing problems
  • Repair iMac slow Internet connection
  • Wireless keep disconnecting repair
  • Apple mouse or keyboard connection loss
  • Apple Onsite repairs
  • Macbook Onsite repairs
  • File sharing Mac to Windows
  • Repair Mac Disk Onsite
  • Repair Mac hard disk onsite
  • Time Machine backup slow repair
  • Slow Maverick repairs onsite
  • Slow Macbook repairs
  • Macbook not booting repair
  • iMac not booting repair
  • iMac noisy fan repair
  • Slow Macbook repair
  • Hot iMac repairs
  • Macbook shutting down
  • iMac too hot
  • iMac shutting down repair
  • Macbook black screen repair
  • Macbook boots to black screen.
  • and many, many more. Please ask!
Home Office Computer repairs

Home Office Computer repairs

Computer Repairs at your Home. Call Out and Onsite Laptop and Computer repairs.

If you are running your business from home or just want computer engineer to come in and check what is wrong with your computer. We are here to help, diagnose and repair your computers’ issue(s).

What is better than qualified engineer to come on-site, repair the computer and check all of your local IT setup, hence you will avoid issues where it computer works only in particular corner of your house.

40% of the repair cases are based on network or home setup problems, such as weak internet signal problems, bad wiring, misplaced cables, wrong computer work environment and etc. This is often the reason why people are experiencing same problems soon they bring their computer back from the repair shop.

Computer Repairs we Do:

  • Onsite computer repairs
  • Computer internet not working
  • Laptop with Slow Internet connection
  • Computer producing Blue Screen errors
  • Slow Internet repair
  • Printing problems repair
  • Repair Internet slow connections
  • Wireless keep disconnecting repairs
  • Printer not printing
  • Printer not printing properly
  • Network setups and diagnostic
  • Network Services
  • Computer Services
  • IT Services
  • Onsite computer repairs
  • Onsite Laptop repairs
  • Laptop wireless problems
  • File sharing between Windows and Mac is not functioning
  • Email problems.
  • Outlook problems
  • Repair Outlook data file
  • Not receiving emails
  • and many, many more. Please ask!


Internet and network Problems repair

Internet and Network problems repair

Internet and Network repairs

If you have issues with your Internet or Network, or if you need assistance with your internet providers IT-Solve is here to help. Give our engineers a call, we will deal with their techie words and will bring your system back in no time.
We will not make you stay with no internet waiting 3 weeks for your internet provider engineer to come. Our engineers can be booked for the next day including Weekends! What are you waiting call now!

You may have noticed some of the symptoms below.

  • No Internet or Internet problems
  • Cannot share folder between computers
  • Cannot connect to computers in the next room
  • Slow Internet problems with Windows
  • Slow Internet problems Mac
  • Internet technician
  • Repair network connection
  • Repair Internet problems
  • Internet Explorer has stopped working
  • Slow Internet connection
  • Mac with slow internet connection
  • Slow webpage loading

We offer 30 Days warranty on all of our repairs.

Motherboard repairs with 30 days warranty!

Onsite computer repair
Desktop Computer Repairs
iMac computer repair
Apple Mac Repairs
Repair Internet and Network problems
Network and Internet Problems
Printer not printing repair call outs
Printer and printing problems
We come to youWe Come to You
No more dismantling your computer and dragging it to the shop, only to be told to come back in a few weeks! We come to you at your home or office and fix the problem on the spot. You don’t have to detach and attach all of these cables and accessories again. Everything will be tested before we leave.
No Jargon, Just Plain EnglishNo Misleading techie words
We speak plain English, no technical jargon’s. We will explain exactly what we have to do in understandable language. And once you agree with the repair, we will give you best customer service out there. Meanwhile you can enjoy pleasant chat with our engineer about your computer and how to prevent such issues and breakdowns in future.
Same Day ServiceNext Day Service
Call us before 10am to request next day service, and we guarantee to have an engineer at your door step!
PCs, Macs, Laptops and ServersPCs, Macs, Laptops and Networks
Modems, WiFi, printers, iPads, computers, Macs, laptops and more – we work on all of your technology.
No SurprisesNo Unexpected fees
Our pricing varies depending upon what is the fault with your computer, give us a call and we’ll explain everything upfront. There will be no surprises.
Fair Dinkum TechniciansRecommended Service
We have only positive feedbacks from our customers. All of our work is with warranty, done by experienced engineers. And what’s more, they do everything on-site right before your eyes!
Fixed Right, the First TimeFixed the First Time
All of our work is guaranteed, so you can be confident we will get the job done right.
On Call 7 DaysWe are On Call any time
Our call out engineers are spinning in Adelaide all day long. Give us a call and see where we are and when we can reach you.

30 DAY guarantee

Fast Service
We know the inconvenience of waiting for a week and more your computer to be fixed. While it stays at the repair shop and waits on the queue to be looked at. Most of our repairs are completed and returned to the customer next day.

Friendly Engineers
We have exceptional feedback from our customers showing our authenticity and good work. Our engineers are friendly and take it’s time to explain everything you need to know about your computer and how to prevent future breakdowns.

Fixed on the spot
For live systems where you cannot afford to have systems down we aim to repair your computer on the spot. We do internet connectivity, printer and network check when your computer is repaired. To ensure all is in sync and working as it should.



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