Overheating iMac Repairs in Adelaide

Mac’s are prone to overheat if they are used constantly over the years without being serviced. Due to their design, they gradually gather and collect dust inside leading to air ventilation blockage. Therefore components on the logic board overheats, as a result iMac needs service such as: slow iMac repair, iMac hard drive repair or even worse iMac Graphic card repair and inevitable iMac overheating repair.

What are the symptoms to look for:

  • iMac getting hot
  • Overheating iMac
  • iMac is Overheating
  • Upper part of the iMac is getting hot
  • iMac is very hot
  • iMac is making a buzzing noise
  • iMac has loud fan noise
  • iMac is frozen and not loading
  • iMac with loud noise
  • iMac with loud fan noise
Overheating iMac Repairs in Adelaide
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iMac with loud fan noise needing overheating iMac repair

How we do it?

Quote over the phone

You can get an idea what is wrong with your Computer by speaking directly with our technicians and get an estimated price over the phone based on the issue you are experiencing.

 Diagnostic and check up procedure

Our highly qualified computer engineers will visit you at your home or office and do the complete diagnostic on your system to identify the reason behind it’s problems.

Report of the faults

We will provide you with a breakdown of the necessary repairs and parts.

If upgrades are available and requested we will offer best match to your circumstances.

Repair of your computer

Once you agree with the repair, we will attempt the repair on the spot.

If onsite repair is not possible, we will take your computer to our repair centre where we can carry out the repair and return it once completed.

Advice for preventing future issues

Once repair is completed our engineers will advise you on how to prevent such a breakdowns in future.

Some of the results below can be expected if iMac overheating repair service is not applied on time.

Gathered dust on iMAC ventilation system

If  iMac is not serviced it will keep overheating and will lead to more damages and problems such as:

Hard drive problems with iMac – Hard drive storing the personal data and the entire Macintosh operating system starts having bad block ( small sectors on the hard drive, which gets damaged and it cannot write or read data from them) because of the high heat inside of the iMac and poor cooling.

Faulty hard drive is caused mainly due to dust collected inside of the iMac, blocking the ventilation units. As seen on the photos below fan gets clogged and cannot cool the internal area of the iMac, leading to hot air stuck inside of the case.

Faulty hard drive from iMac

Graphic card problems with iMac – The iMac starts producing distorted lines or scrambled picture and keeps freezing. Or it is turning on with black screen.

Distorted dotted screen and Graphic Card problem with iMac

Did you noticed any of the sympthoms above? 

If you have noticed any of the sympthoms above, give us a call and we will advise for best scenario to get your computer fixed.

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