Liquid damage laptop repairs in Adelaide

We can repair your laptop spilled with liquid, water, soda, beer, etc.

DELL Liquid Damage repair
DELL Liquid Damage repair

Liquid spillage is often seen with portable computers. However, the damage of the laptop depends on its type (e.g. soft drink, alcoholic drink, water etc.) and amount of the spillage.

Liquid spillage can be responsible for these scenarios:

  • Laptop spill repair
  • Wet laptop repair
  • Coffee laptop spill
  • Water laptop spill
  • Spill laptop keyboard is not working
  • Laptop is not turning on repair
  • Laptop is not working repair
  • Laptop is not charging repair
  • Black Screen laptop repair
  • Laptop keyboard repair
  • Laptop touchpad repair
  • Laptop trackpad repair
  • Laptop USB repair
Liquid Damage Laptop Repairs in Adelaide
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Liquid damage laptop repairs

How we do it?

Quote over the phone

You can get an idea what is wrong with your Computer by speaking directly with our technician and get estimate price over the phone based on the issue you are experiencing.

 Diagnostic and check up procedure

Our high qualified computer engineers will visit you at your home or office and do the complete diagnostic on your system to identify the reason behing your troubles.

Report of the faults

We will provide you with a breakdown of the necessary repairs and parts.

If upgrades are available and requested we will offer best match to your circumstances.

Repair of your computer

Once you agree with the repair, we will attempt repair at your place.

If onsite repair is not possible, we will take your Computer to our repair centre where we can carry out the repair.

Advice for preventing future issues

Once repair is completed our engineers will advise you on how to prevent such a breakdowns in future.

Usually the fault is not showing immediately, this depends on how long the liquid stays, it then starts to oxidize and corrode components on the motherboard.
Also the oxidation between component pins causes shorts which burns chips on the motherboard.

Dell Liquid damage repairs
Dell Liquid damage repairs

With some laptops liquid damage is heavy due to amount of time passed between the spillage and the service. Electricity mixed with liquid substance would cause oxidation over the components and IC chips as seen on the pictures bellow. This leads to shorts in the electricity flow to the components and burns them, leading to unresponsive laptop. In this case of liquid spillage repair must be carried.

  • Not turning on laptop – Power chip is malfunctioning and not sourcing internal components with the necessary voltage.
Alienware M11x Liquid damage repair around the power chip
Alienware M11x Liquid damage repair around the power chip
  • Touchpad chip or cable  – laptop’s touchpad may be “jumpy”, not detected or laptop may not turn on at all
Acer Aspire 7749 Touchpad Cable oxidation after liquid damage
Acer Aspire 7749 Touchpad Cable oxidation after liquid damage
  • Keyboard controller chip – Keyboard is not detected, some keys are malfunctioning or laptop is not turning on at all
Acer Aspire 7749 Liquid damage - burned keyboard controller
Acer Aspire 7749 Liquid damage - burned keyboard controller

Did you noticed any of the sympthoms above? 

If you have noticed any of the sympthoms above, give us a call and we will advise for best scenario to get your computer fixed.

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