Macbook liquid damage repair

Macbook Liquid damage repair is one of the trickiest to be solved. It’s mainly due to multiple areas of impact caused by oxidation.

Macbook liquid damage repair
Macbook liquid damage repair

When liquid reaches Macbook’s logic board, it forms oxidation spots on the components causing shorts circuit and burning components. This renders Macbook unstable or results in Macbook won’t not turn on problem. Alternatively Macbook may turn on, but with no picture – resulting in only black screen.

Some of the scenarios and symptoms we have seen are:

  • Macbook Pro is not turning on
  • Macbook turns on with black screen repair
  • Black screen on Macbook Pro
  • Macbook Air is not charging
  • Macbook Air is not turning on
  • Black Screen on Macbook air
  • No Sound on Macbook air
  • Liquid spillage on Macbook
  • Macbook keyboard is not working
  • Macbook trackpad is not working
  • Repairing Macbook with water damage
  • Repairing Macbook left under a rain
Macbook repairs with 
liquid damage

Liquid is one of the worst enemies of electronics and particularly Macbook laptops. Reason for that is their design – containing less holes compared to normal laptops.
If unfortunate event of liquid spillage occurs, there is no way how liquid can drain out quickly without shorting any of the components on the motherboard.  

We have seen this situation so many times so far and only advice we can give is:

If liquid spills don’t turn blind eye on it, even if it works!

Macbook spilled with water/beer/etc. can be repaired only with immediate response by Macbook Repair service. Any time wasted, leads to heavier oxidation on the logic board.

How we do it?

Quote over the phone

You can get an idea what is wrong with your Computer by speaking directly with our technician and receive estimate price over the phone based on the issue you are experiencing.

 Diagnostic and check up procedure

Our high qualified computer engineers will visit you at your home or office and do the complete diagnostic on your system to identify the reason behing your troubles.

Report of the faults

We will provide you with a breakdown of the necessary repairs and parts.

If upgrades are available and requested we will offer best match to your circumstances.

Repair of your computer

Once you agree with the repair, we will attempt repair at your place.

If onsite repair is not possible, we will take your Computer to our repair centre where we can carry out the repair.

Advice for preventing future issues

Once repair is completed our engineers will advise you on how to prevent such a breakdowns in future.

These Photos below shows how devastating liquid damage on Macbook can be and Repairing Macbook after liquid damage proves it is not an easy task.

Firstly let us explain, what results can be from this unfortunate “Macbook spilled with water” scenario.

Once Macbook logic board has impact with water, it starts shorting all those tiny black components soldered on it. Due to sophisticated Apple design, these chips usually have short-circuit detection and initially turn off themselves to prevent any further damage. However, battery which stays constantly connected to the motherboard  keeps feeding the system with electricity and this leads to chemical reaction. Also exhausting and burning the chips.

Macbook liquid damage repair
USB ports of Macbook liquid damage repair

Exactly this chemical reaction is our worst fear in repairing Macbook with liquid damage. Longer this oxidized spots stays on the motherboard, bigger area of components gets damaged.

On this photo it can be clearly seen dark orange spots, where oxidation dissolves the components and traces. If you take a look at the black top square chip on the right side of the photo it’s 2 legs are already dissolved by the oxidation. This chip is one of the USB power controller chips, which was responsible to provide power to the USB ports. Once we cleaned the oxidation from this board and start troubleshooting we realised that one of the USB’s wasn’t receiving power due to this malfunctioning chip.

Of course once replaced with a new one, issue was resolved and all USB ports returned to their normal operational mode.

Macbook liquid damage repair
Oxidized USB power IC of Macbook liquid damage repair

Very often we receive Macbook with liquid damage which results in black screen – on first instance it seems as it works okay. But when turns on there may be are symptoms such as Macbook turns on with no picture repair or Macbook turns on with black screen after liquid damage repair.

As seen on the photo below, screen connector is relatively close to this Macbook’s liquid damage repair area. This caused screen connector to short and burn backlight IC on this laptop and damage screen connector of this Macbook.

Macbook liquid damage repair
Black screen Macbook liquid damage repair

Did you noticed any of the symptoms above? 

If you have noticed any of the symptoms above, give us a call and we will advise for best scenario to get your Macbook fixed.

We in IT-Solve specialise in electronic repairs and will do our best to repair your Macbook for reasonable price without involving cost of new logic boards reaching 2/3 of the price of the Macbook itself.

Call us now at +61469317177 or drop us an enquiry through the contact form or support@it-solve.com.au. Our engineers will respond quickly to your enquiry