Macbook stuck at loop screen

Macbook stuck at loop screen

Macbook Looping circle repair in Adelaide

Macbook stuck in loop problems happens when the operating system is not communicating successfully with the hard drive.


Symptoms are:

  • Macbook Pro stuck at apple logo
  • Macbook stuck in loop
  • Macbook not booting
  • Macbook Air stuck at looping circle
  • Macbook Air not loading
  • Spinning wheel with Macbook
  • Macbook Pro is not chiming
  • Macbook is not loading
  • Macbook is slow or non responsive
  • Macbook shows kernel panic screen

It is common fault with Macbooks, when hard drive becomes unstable and produces bad blocks Similar symptoms occurs, when hard drive cable becomes faulty. In that case hard drive cable replacement is necessary.

Macbook Pro hard drive cable replacement

Macbook Pro hard drive cable replacement

Macbook Air models does not suffer from cable or hard drive problems, due to SSD design storage technology. Macbook Air and Macbook’s also shows these symptoms when operating system is partially damaged. In that case operating system reinstallation resolves the issue.

Macbook Pro Installation

Macbook Pro Installation

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