Apple under fire for allegations and how we can repair it at better rate

Apple and other manufacturers are designing their devices without an option for a repair even though their Authorised service centres.
The piling cost of whole parts (if replaced) such as screens, logic boards and glued in keyboards and batteries causes authorised service centre repair cost to rocket. As seen on the video, they don’t know what may be impacted from the “liquid” damage, they give a highest potential cost for the repair to secure themselves for the worst case (if all parts are faulty).

You see, it is easy to replace whole parts for authorised dealers – it takes less time and they can serve more customers. Additionally, as they are the ones who are producing the parts they can put a massive markup on the cost of the parts. Based on their quote, brand new logic board replacement would cost $600, as they are not allowed to repair the screen connector (even if they just need to bend it back and ensure it is connected properly) of the display they would advise to be replaced for $780. As he said they don’t do partial repairs!
Additionally, because the liquid sensors got tripped on, they would take a safe approach and suggest keyboard replacement. With Macbooks and most new model laptops, keyboards are attached to the top case and Authorised repair shops would be forced to repair it by replacing the whole top case rather than the keyboard itself (again it is faster and profit margin is bigger for them) for the cost of $500.

This is the reason why we are in business! The way we operate unlike Apple or other authorised service centres is that we repair the parts rather than replacing them. This would mean that we would replace the faulty screen connector or screen cable, rather than replacing the whole screen quoted on the video. Or would be able to provide used or nearly new screen which in most cases is even with less or no scratches compared to the one which customer uses on their Macbooks and Laptops. As of the logic board replacement (as in the video) we would trace down the faulty component and replace only the component itself, rather the whole logic board.

Similar repair with us, (if it was the case of non-bent screen connector pin and indeed water damage causing the issue) would be repairing only the damaged parts for probably third of the Apple quoted cost. Because we repair the parts themselves, rather replacing them we can keep cost lower and not feed Apple with their markup on the whole assembly parts. Such as replacing the whole top case (aluminium palmrest with a trackpad, battery and keyboard) when the only keyboard is damaged for example.

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