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We offer free Laptop and Computer pickup and return service from Adelaide.

Call us now on 0469317177 or drop us an inquiry via Text us via Whatsapp MessengerWhatsApp or Text us via Facebook MesengerMessenger
Our engineers will respond quickly to your query.

Booking Form – Pickup/Onsite Engineer or Insurance Reports

Fill our contact from to organise a pickup or if you need an insurance report without bringing your device to us.
Please describe the fault in detail.

Once you fill-up the form you will receive a confirmation email and will be redirected to our terms page.If you are posting your laptop to us, fill in Send-IT form instead.
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Contact Details

Observed Fault

Please describe the fault you are experiencing with the computer and its symptoms.
Explain what happened to it, to get more accurate repair quote and timeframes.

I am suspecting an issue with the adapter and will provide it too

Worried about providing login details to the device and data privacy? Please create a separate Administrator account so we can test the system properly once repaired.

Type of Repair Needed*

We offer free over the phone assessment, which takes no more than 10 mins and allows our engineers to give you an accurate quote and time frame of the repair based on its symptoms

If you need your Computer or Mac to be repaired onsite. We have hourly rates or fixed fees based on your location and the type of repair you may need. Contact us for more information and quote

Data Backup Needed

If data is not backed up and you need your data. Please choose Data Backup Service on a 1TB USB drive for an additional cost of 300$. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee data consistency.

Terms and Conditions

There is a bench fee for unsuccessful or cancelled repair:

  • $100 - Low/Mid Budget devices less than 2K$ in value
  • $200 - USB-C, High End or more than 2K$ in value devices

Alternatively, donate unrepairable device for parts to waive the fee. (Eligible Devices Only)
Ensure you understand our Terms and Conditions, call us if you need a clearance.

Where to Start in getting your Laptop or Macbook Repaired

1. Call, Text or Chat with us – FREE ONLINE QUOTE AND ESTIMATE

Start with getting an accurate quote for the repair. We have updated the rough idea cost on each website section by computer and issue type for a general idea of cost.
You can also give us a call on 0469317177 or contact us via Text us via Whatsapp MessengerWhatsApp or Text us via Facebook MesengerMessenger.
We will reply with an instant quote based on your computer issue.

EXAMPLE CASE: Let say you have a liquid damaged 13″ Macbook Pro 2015 model, which does not turn on anymore. We will give you a repair cost idea of 600$ based on our fees for such an issue. Before we book you for an appointment, we expect your budget to meet that estimate.


You have got your quote and are happy to proceed? Excellent!
You probably wonder if other computer parts were affected by the damage and would like to know if that will be the final cost and would like us to diagnose it for you?

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the complexity of the electronic repairs, we cannot diagnose each part separately free of charge! Instead, we expect you to agree to the initial repair cost so we can start eliminating and repairing parts of your computer. The initial cost is not billable unless the whole computer is repaired!

Let’s book your repair first so we can allocate a slot for you. We can be out with a customer, and if you pop in the workshop without a booking, we may miss you.
If you are interstate, you can mail it to us. Postage may cost you about $30; we will cover the return cost. Please fill our booking form with your details and provide tracking information.

EXAMPLE CASE: Due to your Macbook not turning on, we cannot start it up and test its components (keyboard, screen, battery, even your data on a 2017 and newer Macbooks) individually anymore. Hence, we need to fix the logic board/electronics first to stabilize it before we test the remaining of it. At this point, we require you to agree to the 600$ logic board repair quote, and we proceed with the repair/diagnostic.

3. Finding the fault and Repairing the device

PLEASE NOTE: To reduce wasted unpaid time, we do not provide free diagnostics or advice. Instead, we use an elimination repair procedure, which requires you to agree to the initial repair quote for us to start the diagnostic and repair process.

By giving you an option to cancel the repair or continue with the adjusted quote while we are repairing, we ensure that the customer is not trapped at one of those “money pit” repair scenarios, where they have no choice but to keep paying for the spiralling out repair costs.

Once we start the repair, if we locate other failed parts, we will inform you and explain what else needs a repair or a replacement.
If the cost goes outside of your budget, we cancel the repair (a cancellation charge applies), and the initial quote provided is not billable. As a result, we return the computer to its faulty state. You can read more on faulty states of unsuccessful or cancelled repairs.

EXAMPLE CASE: Let’s say liquid spilled over your Macbook Pro keyboard went into the electronics and shorted a power regulator IC. We need to replace the necessary chips and clean the oxidation residues left over from the spilled liquid. This requires electronic work and following schematics to identify failed chips and professional electronic expertise to replace the faulty components on the board.
Once we fix the board, we turn on the Macbook and test the screen, keyboard, battery, etc.
At this stage, if we notice that your keyboard is not typing correctly. We call you to inform you of the outcome and additional parts replacement required.

At this point, we give you two options:

  • Either cancel the repair and incur a charge of 100$/150$ for diagnosing the equipment. We do not expect you to pay a logic board repair cost of 600$ for partially repaired equipment, hence we waive that fee.
  • Or replace the keyboard, which adds 400$ to the logic board repair cost of 600$, bringing the total bill to 1000$.

4. Repair Completed – REPAIR & WARRANTY

Repair may take from a couple of days to a week, depending on if we need parts ordered or have them in stock.
We will keep you updated on every step of the repair. You can also get live photos of the repair if you have contacted us via Text us via Whatsapp MessengerWhatsApp or Text us via Facebook MesengerMessenger.

We run overnight tests such as Apple diagnostic tests or third-party tests to ensure the stability of our repairs.
If we performed a graphic repair, we run a heavy graphic test software overnight, ensuring stability criteria is met.

Once we are confident that the repair has been successful, we will let you know about it and arrange for you to have it back in the fastest way possible.

You also get 30 Days warranty on our repairs, for peace of mind.
If something goes wrong and repair is not as we wish to be, you are covered with a full refund guarantee (excluding the diagnostic and shipping fees)