MacBook Repairs in Adelaide

Macbook Pro broken glass replacement service - Screen replaced

IT-Solve specialises in computer repairs in Adelaide and call out services at your home. Over the years we covered Adelaide offering fast and hassle-free Onsite Computer repair solutions, as a result of our determination and support quality we have received exceptional feedbacks from our customers. 

We are determined to bring you highly specialised computer engineers with years of experience in IT Support and Computer repairs. As we specialise in call-out Computer Repairs in Adelaide, there is no need to worry about carrying your computer outside of the house or driving with hours in the area trying to locate computer repair shop. We come to your doorstep at convenient time for you, following your time schedule.

Call us today to book your Computer Repair, we can arrange a home visit at suitable time for you.

We also do evening call-outs, so you don’t need to take day off to get your computer sorted.

Some of the common repairs in our Macbook Repair Service are:

  • Macbook looping circle repairs
  • Macbook liquid damage repair
  • Cracked glass or screen replacement on Macbook Pro
  • Overheating and noisy Macbook repairs
  • Trackpad, mousepad on Macbook is not working
  • Macbook is not turning on
  • Looping circle, wheel on Macbook
  • Operating system not loading on Macbook
  • Macbook works very slow
  • Kernel panic on Macbook
  • Macbook repair at your Home
  • Macbook repair at your Office
  • Macbook Pro repair at your Home
  • Macbook Pro repair at your Office
  • Anything else? Call us.
Macbook Repairs in Adelaide Experienced technicians at your doorstep
Slow Macbook Pro while typing

Slow Macbook Pro while typing

Did you noticed your Macbook working slow than usual?

We know how frustrating is when your Macbook works extremely slow even when you have just couple of web pages open or an application running. Often there are small issues piled up during it’s lifespan which leads to major break and reduces its performance significantly.

Usual suspects when you need slow Macbook repair are:

  • Macbook hard drive reaching end of it’s life – Commonly seen with 4-6 years old Macbook’s, hard drive reaches end of it’s life and needs replacement. Usually heat trapped inside of unserviced Macbook causes damage on the hard drive mechanism and reduces its lifespan drastically. As a solution we backup customer’s data and replace the hard drive to prevent data loss.
  • Macbook is overheating – Often also we find systems overheating and reducing the performance to prevent burning components. That seems to happen often with unserviced iMacs, and solution is Macbook repair to be done by taking the Macbook apart and servicing the system. We offer this option onsite and in our workshop.
  • Macbook Operating system is infected – Yes we heard that one too – “But Mac doesn’t get infected!”. Unfortunately that is not the case, there are lots of types of viruses nowadays which infects Mac computers causing enormous slowdown in response and annoying pop-up ads.
  • There is lots more – Why not call today to find what is causing your Macbook to work slow and get you Adelaide Macbook Repair today?

Have you spilled liquid on your Macbook?

Liquid damage is one of the often Macbook Repairs we receive. And it emerges that longer customer waits after the spillage less chances are Macbook Repair to be successful.
This is due to the chemical characteristics of the process, where when Macbook has a liquid damage and needs a Repair. There is a oxidation occurring on the motherboard leading to electronic components dissolving or shorting.

We would immediately recommend your Macbook to get repaired. As longer it stays heavier the oxidation and corrosion becomes!
Macbook Pro hot and overheating repair

Macbook Pro hot and overheating repair

Have you noticed your Macbook being noisy and getting hot?

If you have noticed your Macbook emitting unusual noises then most likely there is some issue with it, do not turn blind eye on it! Especially if it is couple year old Macbook and the noise or heat is noticeable, then most likely you need Macbook Repair Service. We are here in Adelaide to help.

Although it comes with some performance related issues, commonly it’s cause these troubles.

  • Macbook Overheats – Often we find systems overheating and boosting fan’s spinning rotations to prevent burning components. That seems to happen often with unserviced Macbooks, and solution is Macbook Repair to be done by taking the Macbook apart and servicing the system. We offer this option onsite and in our workshop.
  • Macbook hard drive reaching end of it’s life – If you have noticed noise being more mechanical rather fan noise, than red alarms should kick in in your mind. As this could be an issue with the hard drive’s health. And Hard drive being main storage location of your precious data. Immediate action should be taken, to prevent any data loss. We specialise in Macbook Repair in Adelaide and Essex and would be more than happy to send an engineer to have a look at it and repair your Macbook in shortest time.
  • There is lots more – Why not call today to request Macbook Repair Service in Adelaide?

Broken Screen Macbook Repair

Macbook Repair in Adelaide – Broken or Cracked Macbook Screen

Macbook’s with their aluminum design are quite resistant to hits, scratches and drops. However their screens especially with the new Retina models are extremely fragile and break with even a small pressure.

Get your Macbook repair done in a swipe - Call us for Apple Repair today!

If you are in similar situation, we can straight away tell you what’s wrong with your Macbook and what needs to be done to get your Macbook repair done. Even most of the time we can diagnose it over the phone by you just telling us what is different from its previous working state.

We do lots of Macbook Repairs in Adelaide, and we are certain that your issue can be fixed within same or next day.  Most of the Macbook Repairs boil down to same issues and we have seen them all, that’s why we offer onsite Macbook Repairs in Adelaide. This way you don’t need to carry your Macbook all the way to the Macbook Repair shop or bother looking for parking spaces around. We come to you!

If you need Mac Repair Service, give us a call and we will immediately dispatch an engineer to your address to sort out your Macbook Repair. We do Macbook Repairs in Adelaide and most likely have Mac Repair technician near you right now.

Have you notice any of the symptoms above?

If you have notice any of the symptoms above, give us a call and we will advise for the best scenario.

Our technicians in Adelaide will provide the service you require in your home or office at your convenience, at a cost you can afford.

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How we do it?

Quote over the phone

You can get an idea what is wrong with your Computer by speaking directly with one of our technicians and get an estimated price over the phone based on the issue you are experiencing.

 Diagnostic and check up procedure

Our friendly and highly qualified computer engineers will visit you in your home or office and do the complete diagnostic of your system to identify the reason behind your troubles.

Report of the faults

We will provide you with a breakdown of the necessary repairs and parts.

If upgrades are available and requested we will offer you the best match to your circumstances.

Repair of your computer

Once you agreed with the repair, we will attempt to repair it at your place.

If onsite repair is not possible, we will take your Computer to our repair centre where we can carry out the repair.

Advice for preventing future issues

Once repair is completed our engineer will advise you on how to prevent a breakdown in the future.

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