A1398 15″ Macbook Pro Intermittent Black Screen Repair

A1398 15" Macbook Pro Intermittent Black Screen Repair

Macbook Pro’s have a powerful graphic card, which often leads to graphic card failures. This is not often the case with the 2013-2015 model Macbopoks. These Macbook often encounter a cold joint issue around the MOSFETs and Voltage regulators. These cold joints cause Macbook Pro to encounter Intermittent Black Screens and flickers when they are …

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15″ A1990 Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement

15" A1990 Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement

Butterfly keyboards on the 2017-2019 model Macbooks consist of keys that do not have a mechanical spring-like mechanism. These mechanisms rely on a nylon layer to push the key up, rather than old school rubber spring. In addition to that, the mechanism which holds the keys is very thin. If a key falls off it …

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13″ Macbook Air A1932 not charging repair after water bottle leaked in the backpack

13" Macbook Air A1932 not charging repair

A common issue, unfortunately, is when a water bottle leaks in a bag especially when your Macbook happens to be there. This 13″ Macbook Air A1932 came for a not charging repair after a customer’s water bottle leaked in his backpack. 13″ Macbook Air A1932 not Charging Repair Process This issue is caused by either …

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13″ Macbook A1708 Not Charging Repair

13" Macbook A1708 Not Charging Repair

13″ Macbooks A1708 utilises a USBC charging ports and failure on these ports requires a Macbook Not Charging Repair. Unlike newer generation Macbooks, the A1708 model doesn’t allow easy replacement of these ports. We end up trying to clean them well, if not possible due to damaged pins. Then we end up replacing them. 13″ …

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Macbook Pro 2021 Repair with one port not charging and kernel panics

16" Macbook Repair with one port not charging and kernel panics

Macbook not charging repair is a common type of repair we get in our workshop. In some rare cases, this is caused by damaged or burned charging ports on the Macbook. But most commonly this is caused by a shorted or malfunctioning charging chip. New generation Macbooks with USB-C type charging ports are extremely sensitive …

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Macbook Air Repair – A1466 turns off with charger disconnected

Macbook Air Repair - A1466 turns off with charger disconnected

We usually get notification messages or short battery life when Macbook Battery is about to fail. Rarely we do get macbook air for a repair turned off with the charger disconnected. However, this Macbook had liquid damage and seems like it leaked through the battery lower side of the case. We load the Macbook with …

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HP Envy 15 No Picture Repair after a drop

Fault Diagnosis on HP Envy 15 with No Picture

Once in a blue moon, we get straightforward repairs like this HP Envy 15 No Picture Repair after a drop. This HP Envy had a slight drop, which was enough to render the screen black and not show any picture. Fault Diagnosis of HP Envy 15 with No Picture The first quick test we perform …

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Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop Liquid Damage Repair – Leaked water bottle in a backpack

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Liquid Damage Repair - Turns on with a black screen

This week we had a Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop for a liquid damage repair. The customer’s water bottle had leaked inside of his backpack and went into the laptop. As a result, this Microsoft Surface Laptop encountered water damage and a swift repair was required. As of today, these models are less than 3 months …

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Macbook Dim Screen Repair after a spilled coffee

Macbook Repair with a dim screen

This week we have got a Macbook for a Repair that came with a Dim Screen. As a result of the customer spilling a coffee on it over 2 years ago. Usually, we highly advise any liquid damaged electronics to be repaired within 24hours of the spillage. As explained in ours What to do when …

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A1398 15″ Macbook Storage Upgrade and Battery Replacement

A1398 15" Macbook Storage Upgrade

These 2015 A1398 15″ Macbooks are great machines. One of their kind Macbooks with still upgradable storage. Unlike new Macbooks which cannot be upgraded and owners are stuck with a stock the shelf configuration. It is another way how Apple and other manufacturers phase off couple-year-old devices and limit upgradability and longevity. A1398 15″ Macbook …

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Asus UX433 Repair – black screen after a fall

Asus UX433 Repair - black screen after a fall

We are used to getting lucky when we drop our phones and they do not get damaged. Unfortunately, this luck runs out pretty quickly when we accidentally drop 2-3kg laptop. We received this Asus UX433 Repair – black screen after a fall in our Adelaide workshop recently. It is a great light laptop. However, like …

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A2179 Macbook Screen Replacement

A2179 Macbook Screen Replacement

Another A2179 Macbook Screen Replacement we have received this week. Unbelievable how fragile these new Macbook screens are. Instead of having a glass LCD panel, it seems to be a mixture of plastic and glass. Small pressure results in a leaked or blacked-out screen. In some rare cases like this one, we can see the …

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Asus F540 broken hinge support repair

Asus F540U hinge repairs

Another budget laptop came to us this week – Asus F540 for a broken hinge repair. Nothing is wrong with having a budget laptop of course. However, we need to explain why they are cheap and how manufacturers are able to achieve under 1000$ consumer electronics these days. Most importantly, what to expect durability wise …

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Gaming desktop PC Repair with a leaked water cooling

Repairing Desktop with leaked CPU cooler

A quite interesting case we had today, something we start seeing often. Gaming desktop PC for a Repair with a leaked CPU water cooling. Water cooling on CPU’s is not a new technology. With lowered cost of these cooling methods, however, we start coming across lower quality pumps. Additionally if installed improperly, these pumps get …

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Macbook Pro A1502 Battery Replacement

A1502 Macbook Pro Battery Service Recommended

Batteries of newer Macbooks have an average lifespan of around 2 years. The main cause is heat trapped within, which degrades the cells much faster than usual. We are pleasantly surprised today to receive an 8-year-old Macbook with a failed battery. That’s 8 years in service without a hiccup, marvellous machines they were. Macbook Pro …

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MacBook A1466 Battery Replacement

Macbook Batteries are designed for long-lasting operation. Especially pre 2017 models, where we can easily expect 3-5 year battery life. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for the new USB-C type Macbooks, we see them after just 2 years coming for battery replacements. Battery replacement on these models is a straightforward procedure, due to the …

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