HP Envy 15 No Picture Repair after a drop

Once in a blue moon, we get straightforward repairs like this HP Envy 15 No Picture Repair after a drop.

This HP Envy had a slight drop, which was enough to render the screen black and not show any picture.

Fault Diagnosis of HP Envy 15 with No Picture

The first quick test we perform to ensure the system is still responding is the see if there is a response from the Capslock key. If it lights up on press, that’s an indication that the system is performing well, but our video output is not working. This narrows our suspects to either an LCD fault or a Video Output fault from the system.

Since this model does come with integrated Intel Graphics, we can eliminate GPU failure and head straight to check the LVDS connector.

No Picture HP Envy 15 fault finding on LVDS connector
No Picture HP Envy 15 fault finding on LVDS connector

LVDS connector however seems connected fine and not being loose. As a matter of fact, very rarely do we have a situation of a loose connector at this end as it is clipped securely.

Our next suspect is the other end of the screen cable. Which also usually doest come loose by itself, unless someone tempered with the screen. To check this we have to take the touch screen assembly apart. Luckily with this model, it is easier than the notorious Lenovo Yoga 730 which we dealt with recently for a hinge repair.

HP Envy 15 Repair with a Disassembled Screen Assembly
HP Envy 15 Repair with a Disassembled Screen Assembly

Once screen assembly came apart we could safely check if it was connected properly as well as run continuity check of the lines within the cable. It is also a common failure point. Especially if it was strained and internal lines snapped.

HP Envy 15 Loose screen connector causing black screen
HP Envy 15 Loose screen connector causing black screen

On a close inspection of the screen side of the connector, we could see that it was slightly pushed out.

HP Envy 15 black screen repair
HP Envy 15 black screen repair

Even with a pushed in screen cable we still haven’t got the HP Envy to provide a picture.

Repair Process of a Envy 15 No Picture after a drop

HP Envy motherboard Repair with no picture
HP Envy motherboard Repair with no picture

We quickly realised that the bent LCD connector pin must have shorted something on the motherboard. And in particular the backlight/screen circuitry.

We have a sophisticated equipment workshop with high accuracy microscope, ultrasonic cleaning bath, reflow machine, and tools for micro soldering to achieve high-quality logic boards repairs. With thousands of components in stock, we quickly locate and replace failed components!


Please note: This is not educational material. It is rather a showcase of the services we offer.
Therefore, it should be used as general guidance on what to expect of such repairs.
In case you have a similar device and need the repair, always rely on professionals. These are sensitive electronic devices, and small mistakes may cause irreversible electronic damage. Which may require whole part replacement for 2 or 3 times the cost.

The next suspect was the video output and backlight circuitry. So we start measuring for short circuits or blown components. And it was not long before we identify misbehaving component.

Replacing a shorted fuse on-screen output lines of HP Envy 15 for a Black Screen Repair

Luckily the short caused by “doggy” previous screen replacement followed by an accidental drop was caught by a fuse. This little black fuse protected a vital IC from burning. However, these are SMD fuses and are not mounted on a slot that can be pulled out and replaced easily. Hence it required some Soldering work in our Adelaide Laptop Repair workshop.

HP Envy 15 testing LCD after motherboard repair
HP Envy 15 testing LCD after motherboard repair

And there we go, screen brightened up as soon as we fired the HP Envy and behaves as expected.

One little thing was left which bothered us. Probably most of the companies would have overlooked it. But this is our way of fighting with planned obsolescence and our commitment to Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce the target of keeping Australian eWaste out of the wastelands.

Servicing HP Envy 15 Hinges to prolong lifespan

HP Envy 15 HInges full of dust
HP Envy 15 Hinges full of dust

Cleaning and oiling these hinges we felt was our obligation to ensure longevity. Otherwise, customer would have well-known hinge support failure as we often get with Laptops Broken Hinge Repairs these days. Even only after less than 2 years in service.

Servicing HP Envy Hinges to prevent Hinge Failure
Servicing HP Envy Hinges to prevent Hinge Failure

Successfull HP Envy 15 No Picture Repair

Successfully Repaired HP Envy 15 which had a black screen after a drop
Successfully Repaired HP Envy 15 which had a black screen after a drop

There we have it a successful HP Envy 15 No Picture Repair with encountered a fall and its screen turned black. We do not name and shame, but honestly whichever company has replaced the screen coupe years ago should have secured the screen connector in place. They haven’t! As a result, a drop pulled the screen cable out and shorted screen voltage lines. Luckily there was a fuse to catch the short and sacrificed itself for this glorious HP Envy 15.

To ensure such issues will not happen easily we secured the connector in place. This is how it should be done, guys!

Securing HP Envy 15 LCD cable to prevent disconnecting
Securing HP Envy 15 LCD cable to prevent disconnecting

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