Macbook Dim Screen Repair after a spilled coffee

Macbook Repair with a dim screen

This week we have got a Macbook for a Repair that came with a Dim Screen. As a result of the customer spilling a coffee on it over 2 years ago. Usually, we highly advise any liquid damaged electronics to be repaired within 24hours of the spillage. As explained in ours What to do when …

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Macbook Pro No Backlight Repair A1708

Macbook Pro No Backlight Repair A1708 - Black Screen

This week we have received this Macbook Pro for a No Backlight Repair A1708. Macbook would turn on with a response from the Capslock, however, there is no backlight on the screen. With light shining through the screen, we could see a faint picture. With a board taken out of the case, we can see …

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Macbook Air Repair with No Backlight after screen replacement

It is easy to watch a bunch of youtube videos and fall for the “easy Macbook screen replacement” or “Macbook screen Replacement under 10 minutes” titles, thinking that screen replacement of Macbooks is a straightforward job. However, the reality is that newer devices get thinner and smaller and more sensitive to ESD and electronics mishandling. …

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Macbook Pro repair with no display – 2012 model

Often we see Macbooks which have one issue, and it is straight forward for us to quote the repair upfront. This was no ordinary day.

We had this piece of art and example of a durability 2012 model, 13″ Macbook Pro which was working slow.
We followed the drills and run quick diagnostic on it and hard drive showed failure, as expected on this models.

Macbook Air 2017 Black Screen Repair

An interesting case of a Macbook Black Screen Repair we had by post today in our Mac Repair workshop in Adelaide. This gorgeous 13″ 2017 Macbook Air came from north SA. The customer found us on the web and called for an inquiry. We knew what to expect from the fault described and able to quote adequately. We didn’t waste time and jump straight to it. First, we need to confirm the issue by turning it on. Great about these models is that clear Apple logo allows us to quickly diagnose missing backlight on Macbooks by shining a torch through it. Upon opening, it was clear there was slight liquid damage on the LCD screen connector causing it to short the power lines of the screen. They carry 50V boosted voltage, causing significant damage when shorted.

Apple Mac water spilled repair

Water spilled Mac is often seen coming to our workshop. But rarely we get customers responding so instant to the water spillage and rushing to get it repaired quickly. This customer was very aware of the seriousness when water gets spilled over a Mac keyboard. And rushed as quickly as possible to us rather than …

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Macbook Retina water spillage repair

Macbook Not turning on Repair

One of the repairs we have got this week was this 13″ Macbook Pro Retina 2015 A1502 model. These are very popular models and the last of the kind with the nice keyboard before Apple transitioned to butterfly keyboards. Naturally, customers want to keep these Macbook laptops as long as possible, but accidents happen regardless …

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Macbook Air Backlight Repair

Macbook Air Backlight Repair

Repairing Macbook Air with backlight issues caused by liquid damage The macbook we received this week was sent to us from interstate and had issues with its backlight. The customer called us early last week and described the issue he was facing.By listening to customers’ explanations of the issue, we were well aware of what …

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