Macbook Keyboard Repair

Macbook Keyboard Repair in Adelaide is needed when some of the keys of the Macbook are not functioning.

Most of the cases in which Macbook Keyboard Repair is needed are caused by water damage over the keyboard. Although it all depends on what was the consistency and acidity of the liquid.

Extend of the damage depends on the amount of liquid and where it spilled. When some liquid may take seconds to damage the keyboard, others may take weeks or even months before they corrode away contacts of the keyboard.

Macbook Air Keyboard replacement
Macbook Air Keyboard replacement

As seen in the picture, in this customer’s case the Macbook Air works fine but Macbook’s key types multiple times when pressed.

Why do we need Macbook Keyboard Repair?

Macbook Keyboard Repair issues are mainly caused by water damage. On some occasions, however, especially with the new butterfly and magic keyboards we see the mechanism breaking or falling off too.

Macbook Butterfly Keyboard Key Repair
Macbook Butterfly Keyboard Key Repair

After water damage over the keyboard on Macbooks, sometimes we are lucky and get away with one key not functioning. If this key is one of the less used keys than we tend to ignore the damage and keep using the Macbook.

If the liquid has stopped at the keyboard level, we are lucky and depending on type and amount of the liquid we may not loose any keyboard functionality. But if we do, we do not have much choice than to replace the keyboard.

Check some of our Macbook Keyboard Repair cases if you are curious how the keyboard gets replaced.

Also keep in mind that if you from the unlucky ones, where the keyboard may not have been able to stop on the keyboard and went through and leaked into the logic board. Make sure that you take quick action as Liquid Damaged Macbook Repair is one of the leading causes of logic board failures on these machines. And being something easily overlooked, your Macbook may stop functioning couple days/weeks/months after the spillage, which will cost more to repair then compared to when the damage happened.

Macbook Keyboard not working after a water spillage
Macbook Keyboard not working after a water spillage

We specialise in Mac Repairs and can perform a Macbook Keyboard Repair service here in Adelaide. This way we keep the cost low by replacing the keyboard part itself only, instead of replacing the whole palm rest assembly. Also, keeping these amazing laptops out of the wasteland. Have a look at some of our Macbook Liquid Repair cases.

Some of the symptoms which may indicate the need for Macbook Keyboard Replacement in Adelaide:

  • Macbook Keyboard not working
  • Repair Macbook Keyboard in Adelaide
  • Repair Macbook keyboard types randomly
  • Macbook Key Repair
  • Fallen off key on macbook Repair
Macbook Keyboard Repair

Do you need Macbook Keyboard Replacement service in Adelaide?

If you have Mac or iMac causing troubles and need a Mac repair service in Adelaide, give us a call and we will advise for the best scenario to get your Asus repaired.

We at IT-Solve, specialize in computer and electronics repairs. And we will do our best to repair your Computer quickly without involving high costs and long waiting times in repair shops.

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