Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop Liquid Damage Repair – Leaked water bottle in a backpack

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Liquid Damage Repair - Turns on with a black screen

This week we had a Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop for a liquid damage repair. The customer’s water bottle had leaked inside of his backpack and went into the laptop. As a result, this Microsoft Surface Laptop encountered water damage and a swift repair was required. As of today, these models are less than 3 months …

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HP Elitebook Repair – Water spilled and not turning on Repair

HP Elitebook x360 1030 liquid damage repair

With the drop in the cost of electronics these days, we see more and more people writing off instead of repairing their liquid damage laptops. This was almost the case for this water spilled HP Elitebook Repair. We received it last week in our Adelaide Laptop Repair workshop. Content Insurance is more like an Afterpay …

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