Repair Process

Here you can find some of the repair cases we had time to publish.

Measuring through the components of the Lenovo motherboard
Measuring through the components of a Lenovo motherboard

Please note: This is not educational material. It is rather a showcase of the services we offer.
Therefore, it should be used as general guidance on what to expect of such repairs.
In case you have a similar device and need the repair, always rely on professionals. These are sensitive electronic devices, and small mistakes may cause irreversible electronic damage. Which may require whole part replacement for 2 or 3 times the cost.

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Water Damaged Macbook Repair

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Check some of our Repair Cases

A1398 15″ Macbook Pro Intermittent Black Screen Repair

15″ A1990 Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement

A1708 Macbook Pro Screen Replacement

A1502 2015 Cracked Macbook Screen Repair

A2179 Macbook Air Black Screen Repair

13″ Macbook Air A1932 not charging repair after water bottle leaked in the backpack

2017 Macbook Air Not Loading after a Software Update

13″ Macbook A1708 Not Charging Repair

Macbook Pro 2021 Repair with one port not charging and kernel panics

Dell Inspiron 15 no power repair

Macbook Air Repair – A1466 turns off with charger disconnected

HP Envy 15 No Picture Repair after a drop

Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop Liquid Damage Repair – Leaked water bottle in a backpack

Macbook Dim Screen Repair after a spilled coffee

Macbook Air Repair – A1466 turns off with charger disconnected

Macbook Pro No Backlight Repair A1708

A1398 15″ Macbook Storage Upgrade and Battery Replacement

Asus UX433 Repair – black screen after a fall

A2179 Macbook Screen Replacement

Asus F540 broken hinge support repair

Gaming desktop PC Repair with a leaked water cooling

Macbook Pro A1502 Battery Replacement

MacBook A1466 Battery Replacement

Macbook Battery Service Recommended Repair on A1990

Lenovo Thinkpad E14 broken screen replacement

Macbook Intermittent shutdown repair – A1706

Lenovo X1 Carbon Repair – Turns on and off on startup

iMac Repair with Loading Problems

Repair of an iMac not loading caused by graphic failure

iMac starts up with a Black Screen Repair

Asus GL703 not charging repair after a previous repair

Macbook Air Charging but not turning on repair after liquid damage

2019 iMac SSD Upgrade

Macbook Pro Service Battery Repair

Macbook Air Repair- There may be an issue with the fan repair

iMac keeps restarting repair while loading

Macbook Pro A1989 Black Screen Repair

Macbook Pro A1990 repair – Not turning on after a water leak

Macbook Air flickering screen repair

Macbook Air A2239 Screen Replacement

iMac Repair stuck on white screen while loading

Macbook Air Screen Replacement – 2017 model A1466

Macbook Liquid Damage Repair again

HP Elitebook Repair – Water spilled and not turning on Repair

Macbook Pro not turning on after battery replacement

2020 Macbook Pro Cracked Touchbar Repair

HP Envy x360 not turning on Repair

Macbook Air won’t turn on repair after leaked water in a backpack

Macbook swollen battery replacement

Repurposing recycled 18650 Li-Po battery in Remote Controlled bumpy cars

HP Elitebook Flickering Screen Repair

Acer Predator Not Turning On Repair

Acer Aspire Spin Keyboard Replacement

Macbook Air Repair with No Backlight after screen replacement

Lenovo Yoga 730 Repair broken hinge support

Asus Not Turning on Repair TP412

Macbook Pro A1502 Question mark repair

iMac repair after failed firmware upgrade

Macbook Pro touchbar not charging repair

Repairing iMac slow loading and unresponsive

Razer Fan noise with rattling sound from the fans

Repairing Macbook Pro Retina turns on with black screen and chimes

Macbook Battery Service Recommended Replacement

Macbook Air A1466 Screen Replacement

Slow iMac spinning wheel repair

LG Gram Laptop Repair – not turning on after liquid spillage

Macbook Pro 13″ Repair – Not turning on after a liquid spillage

Macbook Pro repair with no display – 2012 model

Macbook Air water damage repair spilled a bottle of water

2018 Macbook Pro Repair A1989 – Not Turning on Repair

Macbook Air 2017 Black Screen Repair

Macbook Air Loading Bar Repair

Acer Chromebook Repair broken hinge support

Macbook Air Repair after a spilled wine

Macbook Air not loading due to a failed SSD

13″ Macbook Air 2017 Water Damage Repair

13 Macbook Pro 2018 repair – won’t charge

A1707 Macbook Pro 2018 Water Damage Repair

Lenovo Yoga Keyboard Repair in Adelaide

HP Steam Keyboard Replacement

Macbook Air Charging Repair

Macbook Retina Battery Replacement

Spinning wheel iMac Repair

iMac loading bar Repair

Slow Macbook Repair and upgrade

Dell laptop repair working slow

Dell XPS 15 Laptop turns on with no picture

Lenovo laptop turns on with no picture repair

Razer Laptop Blue Screen Repair

Apple Mac water spilled repair

Macbook Air screen replacement service

iMac Graphic Repair

Macbook Pro not turning on Repair A1706

iMac Slow loading Repair

Macbook Retina water spillage repair

Macbook Keyboard Replacement A1534

Not Charging Water damage Macbook Pro Repair

2019 Macbook Air water damage repair

iMac White Screen Repair on Startup

Acer laptop broken hinge repair