iMac Repair with Loading Problems

Recently we got an iMac for a Repair with Loading Problems. A common repair even with this 2019 iMac which is less than 3 years old. This iMac works very slow with constant annoying colourful spinning wheels displayed on the screen. Especially when under some intensive work. iMac repair with loading problems – Diagnostic Process …

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iMac Repair stuck on white screen while loading

iMac stuck on white screen while loading

2011-2012 iMac’s are one of the most resilient iMac’s out there. We keep getting blown away by how well built they were back in the ages. Even after 10 years in service, this 2011 iMac survived and operated perfectly. However, the owner was not aware of one crucial reason why these iMac’s fail in bulk …

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Repairing iMac slow loading and unresponsive

We love these 27″ ‘thick’ generation iMacs, they are such reliable machines. Especially compared to the new generation ‘thin’ iMac’s which have poor cooling and suffer from serious overheating issues. As soon as the operating system loads up on this iMac, it becomes increasingly unstable and unusable as a result. Unresponsive iMac Repair Process We …

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Repairing Macbook Pro Retina turns on with black screen and chimes

Often we receive Macbooks failing due to overheating; this was one of those cases. However, what we were about to witness was one of those rare cases where almost every component on this Macbook failed. Even after so many failed components and quite a bill, the customer still wanted to have it repaired, as he …

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Macbook Air not loading due to a failed SSD

Macbook Air Repair - SSD Upgrade

This time we had an 11″ Macbook Air for repair. We don’t get these 11″ Macbook Air much much better performing and sturdier than 12″ Macbooks. Customer out of nowhere got loading bar stuck halfway through. Even multiple restarts and shutdowns didn’t help to resolve the issue. When he called us, we knew something is …

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iMac loading bar Repair

iMac loading bar stack and not progressing

This time we had a stuck iMac loading bar Repair in our workshop in Adelaide. The latest Catalina upgrade completely baffled this already weak hard drive. The iMac was starting fine, but the loading bar would not progress past the loading section. We came across this issue multiple times and knew what is causing it. …

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Slow Macbook Repair and upgrade

Clogged up cooling system on MAcbook Pro

We have received a 2011 model Slow Macbook for Repair this week. It was working painfully slow also the trackpad was not clicking. We knew we have multiple issues and needed to give an accurate quote for the repair so the client could decide if it is worth fixing or be better off buying a …

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iMac Graphic Repair

iMac Graphic Repair after colorful patches on screen

We absolutely love these 27″ iMac’s, although they are 2009-2013 models they are so powerful that can last for another 5 years with no doubt. However like any other iMacs and Mac computer they have a weakness – the heat. When they get clogged with dust and fluff, their cooling system becomes ineffective. Exactly this …

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iMac Slow loading Repair

iMac slow loading repair

We know how annoying is when we need to wait for the applications to open. Especially when we are in rush to complete an assignment and the spinning wheel of death slowing our productivity. Some will say that the annoying jumping icon while we are waiting for applications to launch is not a big deal, …

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iMac White Screen Repair on Startup

iMac’s are powerful systems relied upon as a sturdy workforce. Regardless of their size and year of manufacturing, they come with powerful processors and dedicated graphics cards. They are the best choice when we need a powerful computer which can do the heavy lifting without too much stress. However, like all other computers, these iMacs …

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iMac Graphic Repair in Adelaide

iMac Graphic Card Repair

iMac Graphic Repair in Adelaide iMac computers are extremely reliable systems. Very rarely we have them failing on us. This lets us grow confidence in Apple products. However, like all other systems if not serviced they tend to develop issues. And some of these issues are related to well known graphic card problems we usually …

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