Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Keyboards are unique devices that allow us to input information into the system. Like every other part of the laptop, they do wear out, and when they do, we may notice some unexpected behaviour from them, i.e. mistyping laptop keys or some keys of the laptop not typing in. This may require us to need a Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Adelaide.

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Which Repair Do I Need?

Thankfully, most laptops still stick around with well-established and more robust matrix keyboard designs. Unlike, the new Macbook PCB design on their Butterfly and Magic Keyboards, which are more complex and come with multiple failure points, resulting in a high fault rate even with brand-new replaced keyboards.

Multiple keys not typing on Acer - Laptop Keyboard Replacement
Multiple keys not typing on Acer – Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Please Note: We do not provide a FREE DIAGNOSTIC on laptops!
We keep seeing that many customers think that not every laptop is worth the repair cost required to repair the issue they face and prefer to write off the equipment. So, to reduce the influx of such cases, we decided to display an estimate of the repair cost of some of the regular repairs we get for laptops.

Hence if your budget does not meet the lower bracket of the cost specified below, unfortunately, we cannot assist in repairing your laptop, neither we can book you in to have a look.

Diagnostic and Cancelation Fees

Unfortunately, the repair cost for this process can sometimes come quite close to the cost of the whole machine, especially when the keyboard is part of the palm rest assembly, which is not designed to be replaced affordably on the sub 2,000$ range laptops. This requires us to use innovative case-by-case methods to replace the keyboard without deforming or altering the visual and engineering design of the laptop much.

On top of that, we often receive laptops for keyboard replacement, which have multiple issues apart from keyboard failure. Like this case we had recently of Acer Aspire Spin Keyboard Replacement, sometimes we are left to deal with such as separating hinge support, broken case plastics, and heavily overheating laptop on top of the initially reported fault of a faulty keyboard.

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Some of the symptoms which may indicate the need for Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Adelaide

  • Repair NOT typing laptop keys in Adelaide
  • Lenovo Keyboard replacement in Adelaide
  • Toshiba Keyboard replacement in Adelaide
  • DELL Keyboard replacement in Adelaide
  • HP Keyboard replacement in Adelaide
  • Asus Keyboard replacement in Adelaide
  • Acer Keyboard replacement in Adelaide

Not Typing Laptop Keyboard Repairs.
Laptop Keyboard Replacements.

Why do we need Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Adelaide?

Acer Aspire not turning on due to a faulty keyboard - Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Adelaide
Acer Aspire not turning on due to a faulty keyboard – Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Adelaide

Laptop keyboards mainly need a replacement when some or all of the keys are not responding. In some cases like this Acer Aspire, the whole laptop may not turn on because of a faulty keyboard. Most of the thin laptop designs incorporate the power button as part of the keyboard, and if the keyboard is faulty, the whole system may not work as expected.

Cost of Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Adelaide

The cost of Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Adelaide depends on the type of keyboard the laptop has. Includes parts and the service. It usually takes less than a week to complete a Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service in our Adelaide workshop for a keyboard that we can source locally. Under three weeks it takes for keyboards, which we need to import from an overseas distributor.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement process on Acer Aspire
Laptop Keyboard Replacement process on Acer Aspire

What shall I do if I need a Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Adelaide?

First of all, try to remember if there was liquid damage to the laptop before the keyboard failed. This is important, mainly because if there was a liquid spillage, longer prolonging the repair or using the laptop may cause it to short the electronics within and not turn on anymore. Liquid Damaged Laptop Repair may add 300-600$ to the keyboard replacement cost.

Secondly, ensure your data is backed up. If the keyboard failed because of Laptop Liquid Damage, it may short the electronics and render the whole laptop unusable. Ensuring you have your data backup reduces the need for a Data Recovery, which starts from 600$ from a failed drives.

Ensure your laptop worth the rough cost we require to repair it, as some laptops, especially under the 500$ range, may not be worth having such repair.

Keep in mind that accidents happen all the time. Buying a new laptop won’t ensure you that the keyboard will not fail. Saving third or even more than a half of the cost of a new laptop by having your one repaired is better for your pocket as well as for our environment fighting with ever-increasing e-waste.

Do you need this Repair in Adelaide?

If your Computer or Laptop is causing trouble and need Laptop Repair Service in Adelaide, give us a call, and we will advise on the best scenario to get your device repaired.

Interstate? Why not Send IT for a Repair. Repairs take under three weeks, including forward and backward postage. Contact us to get an idea of cost and turnarounds.

We at IT-Solve, specialise in Laptop and electronics repairs. We will do our best to repair your Computer quickly without involving high costs and long waiting times in repair shops. Our average repair takes under a week!

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Repaired, not Replaced!

We are committed to reducing e-waste in Australia. How we do it is by educating our customers on the repairability and longevity of their devices, as well as providing affordable Laptop Repairs here in Adelaide.
Although our best intentions and hard work, this is not an easy task. Customers must accept that cost of high-quality electronic repairs, is between a third and half of the price of a new device. However, with the current trend of planned obsolescence in electronic design, we see more and more Laptops having shorter lifespans. To tackle that, while we do our repairs we target common planned obsolescence engineering design mistakes to ensure we extend the life expectancy of the Laptops we repair. Check some of our Laptop Repair Cases to get an idea of the process.

That said, if we buy a new one or write it off via insurance, it does not guarantee that the new one will not meet the same fate as the older one pretty soon.
As matter of fact, quite often we see accidents reoccurring within less than 2-year gaps. If we can save 1000$ or even 500$ today by repairing our faulty Laptop is great. That’s an extra half Laptop cost ready to be spent on another one when the time comes or our need for performance increases.
When that time comes is up to us to buy a new one or keep pushing the one we have, but delaying it by a year or three is always a good starting point and saves another abandoned Laptop from polluting our one and only Planet.

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