Macbook Not Charging Repair

Macbook not charging repair is a repair which involves the charging circuit or charging pins on Macbooks. There are a couple of possible faults causing this issue, all depending on what happened to the Macbook. Most of the times we see it as a result of either faulty/knock off charger or water damage on the Macbook.

No Light on the charger - Macbook Air not charging Repair
No Light on the charger – Macbook Air not charging Repair

With Macbook Air before 2018 model, the chargers used to have a light showing if it is charging or not. Unfortunately, new Macbook’s don’t have this light and is hard to see if Macbook is charging or not.

What causes Macbook charging issues?

In most cases, Macbook not charging repair is required when there is a spillage caused by liquid damage.

Macbook Air Faulty DC-IN board
Macbook Air Faulty DC-IN board

In some cases, this damage stops at the DC-IN board with MacBook Air. DC-IN board is a small logic board which receives a input voltage from the adapter and transfers it into the logic board. There is a flex cable on this board which often oxidizes from water damage.

Macbook USB-C charging port repair
Macbook USB-C charging port repair

In other cases, it is the USB-C connectors which may be oxidised or corroded from liquid and may be as simple as replacing or repairing charging flex connectors.

Oxidised and destroyed traces for the charging chip of Macbook A1708
Oxidised and destroyed traces for the charging chip of Macbook A1708

Furthermore, there could be an issue with the logic board itself, especially with the charging IC or circuit. With the new Macbooks with USB-C connector, if one of the ports are not functioning usually all ports would not accept power.

Symptoms requiring Macbook not charging repair could be:

  • Macbook Pro is not turning on
  • Macbook charger is not working
  • Macbook Charger is not charging
  • Macbook Air is not charging
  • Macbook Air is not turning on
  • Black Screen on Macbook air
  • Macbook Pro is not chiming
Macbook Not Charging Repairs

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