iMac Repairs

IT-Solve specialises in iMac Repairs in Adelaide. With over 10 years of experience in Apple Mac Repairs, we ensure that you receive high-quality repairs.

Furthermore, we provide one-to-one consultations and personalised services. By diagnosing the potential issue in front of you, we ensure you understand what has caused the problem and the solution for repairing your iMac. Our workshop is located here in Adelaide, where we do all our repairs onsite.

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Free Pickup and Return available for your iMac Repairs Adelaide

Even if you cannot come to our workshop, we provide free pick up and return for your iMac in Adelaide. We will disconnect it, pick it up, repair it and return it to you. Also, we will ensure that everything is connected correctly and works on the spot.

iMac Repair Cost in Adelaide?

iMac Repair cost here in Adelaide depends on iMac’s issue and starts from 200$ for operating system installations. iMac graphic card repair may cost around 500$, depending on the model.
The most common iMac Repairs we do in Adelaide are SSD upgrades which depending on the size of SSD required, would be between 500$ – 1000$

Slow iMac repair cost?

iMac loading bar stack and not progressing
iMac loading bar stack and not progressing

Repair cost for slow iMac depends mainly on the issue. For example, a simple operating system corruption may lead to iMac being slow and unstable. Therefore, a slow iMac may cost around 200$ to 400$ to repair. Furthermore, besides data requirements, a failing hard drive may cost between 500$ to 1000$ to replace with an SSD.
You can learn more about this repair and check out some of our repair cases here.

iMac SSD upgrade cost?

iMac SSD Upgrade
iMac SSD Upgrade

SSD Upgrade cost for your Slow iMac depends on its model. Similarly, it depends on the size of SSD the customer would require and would vary between 500$ and 1000$.
For example, some models have space for an additional second hard drive. Thus, allowing SSD and HDD installed at the same time.
Indeed, this is very useful because we can have fast speed and plenty of storage at the same time. Having a dual hard drive setup on an iMac would cost under 1000$.
You can learn more about SSD upgrades here.

iMac graphic card repair cost?

iMac Graphic Repair after colorful patches on screen - iMac Repairs Adelaide
iMac Graphic Repair after colorful patches on screen – iMac Repairs Adelaide

Depending on the model, an iMac graphic card repair cost can be around 500$. It involves resoldering graphic chips under concentrated heat.
You can learn more about this process and check some of our repair cases here.

Call us today for your iMac Repairs in Adelaide

If you are in a similar situation, we can straight away tell you what’s wrong with your iMac. Additionally, we will advise what needs to be done to get your iMac back to speed.

Even most of the time we can diagnose it over the phone by you just telling us what is different from its previous working state.

We at IT-Solve, specialize in computer and electronics repairs. We will do our best to repair your Mac quickly without involving high costs and long queues in repair shops right here in Adelaide.

Call us now on 0469317177 or drop us an inquiry via Text us via Whatsapp MessengerWhatsApp or Text us via Facebook MesengerMessenger – Our engineers will respond quickly to your question.

Some of our Repairs

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  • Gunay was very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient in fixing my Macbook Pro that wouldn't turn on. Upon first look it seemed all of my data was gone, however he worked his magic and fixed my computer and retrieved everything that we thought I had lost. He also fixed my keyboard and cleaned my … More Mac so well that it feels brand new again. I don't think anyone in adelaide would be able to fix the problem I had to this level and saved me a lot of money by repairing my Mac instead of having to replace it. Highly recommend his services to anyone.
    Tess ★★★★★ 2 months ago
  • Gunay - Thanks for fixing my iMac in a short period of time and professionally deliver the iMac back with new SSD drive as well as restore d everything i had before before the computer hd decided to give way. Good information given from before service to after service as well very easy communication … More to drop and pick up as well. Initially i was unsure with the price charges but with the workmanship and time i save able to get it back within 3 days time everything seems to worth it. Highly recommended his service
    Joe Chong ★★★★★ 2 months ago
  • Great service and knowledge. Gunay did an awesome job fixing my computer. I’ll definitely be coming back if I need help with any other repairs. He kept me up to date and got the work done really quickly. My computer is like brand new a+
    lisa borg ★★★★★ a week ago
  • I was very pleased with Gunay's service when upgrading my MacBook. Great service and quick turnaround. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone who needs computer assistance.
    Jonathan Kong ★★★★★ 3 months ago
  • Gunay was exceptional in every aspect of his service. I called early in the morning, he answered and my computer was at his workshop by 9.30am. He was very knowledgeable, explained everything clearly, went through what could go wrong and what I could expect, clearly outlined his fees and charges. I had … More a message that same afternoon that the repairs to my Mac were completed. Very happy customer and can’t recommend him highly enough.
    Brigette Connery ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
  • I had problems connecting my MacBook Air to my television. I contacted Gunay and he was able to sort out my problem. I would thoroughly recommend him for any computer problems you may have. I would certainly use him again. Thank you Gunay.
    GG Stone ★★★★★ 3 months ago