Data Recovery

Data Recovery in Adelaide is a service of extracting data from a storage system that does not allow data to be copied out easily by ordinary means.

Often this happens when a storage drive (Hard Drive or Solid State Drive) is failing or has failed. Another aspect of data recovery is when we need our data to be recovered from a failed device such as Liquid Damaged Macbook or Not turning on Macbook.

Type of Data Recovery Services we provide in Adelaide includes:

  • Laptop Data Recovery in Adelaide
  • Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery in Adelaide
Macbook Retina Repair
  • Macbook Pro Data Recovery in Adelaide
  • Macbook Air Data Recovery in Adelaide
  • Mac Data Recovery in Adelaide
SSD Data Recovery Adelaide
  • USB Hard Drive Data Recovery in Adelaide
  • NAS Drive Data Recovery in Adelaide
  • USB Flash Drive Data Recovery in Adelaide

Types and Average Cost of Data Recovery

Depending on the state of the device needing data to be preserved we separate the service into Data Extraction and Data Recovery.

Data Extraction – 250$-350$

iMac Restore Time Machine Backup

Usually, we need data extraction when there is a Software failure with the Device. Although the device is still working, it is slow, unresponsive at times or the system has crashed. In most cases, we can extract the data by taking out the storage and attaching it to our Data Recovery system. This way we bypass the operating system and extract the data into an external drive.

  • Slow iMac Data Backup or Data Retrieval
  • Restore Data from Time Machine or Backup
  • Transfering data from old to a new Laptop or Macbook
  • Windows Laptop with a Blue Screen Data Extraction

Data Recovery – 500$-600$

Macbook Data Recovery Adelaide
Macbook Data Recovery Adelaide

On the other hand, we need Data Recovery in Adelaide, when the whole device is either not turning on or the system is not functioning and data is not extractable.

  • Macbook or iMac with a Question Mark
  • Liquid Damaged Macbook Data Recovery
  • Not tuning on Macbook Data Recovery
  • Data Recovery from Macbook after Software Upgrade
  • USB Flash Drive wth a Physical Damage. Broken port, etc.
  • Windows Laptop with “No Bootable Device” black screen

Physical Data Recovery – Above 2000$

SSD Data Recovery Adelaide
SSD Data Recovery Adelaide

The third type of Data Recovery we do in Adelaide is Physical Data Recovery. Most of the time this requires physically opening the failed Drive and performing surgical level implantations to replace the faulty parts of the drive with the aim to stabilize it until we pull the customer data. Some cases when which includes these type of recovery is:

  • Clicking noise from a USB hard drive or Laptop/Computer Drive
  • USB Flash drive not detected. There is no physical damage to the drive
  • Some cases of a not detected storage drive. Usually we can hear clicking noises or no motor spinning noises

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