MacBook A1466 Battery Replacement

Macbook Batteries are designed for long-lasting operation. Especially pre 2017 models, where we can easily expect 3-5 year battery life. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for the new USB-C type Macbooks, we see them after just 2 years coming for battery replacements. Battery replacement on these models is a straightforward procedure, due to the …

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Macbook Battery Service Recommended Repair on A1990

Let’s explain why Battery Service Recommended is a common issue we receive and why the cost of such service is high. Batteries are Part of the Macbook which used to be easiest to replace. Not only with Macbooks, even with phones. Those days are long gone. Today’s devices are engineered around shorter lifespans and limited …

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Macbook Pro not turning on after battery replacement

We get many “tutorials” these days on how to “Replace Macbook battery” on Youtube. However, we do not realise that today’s laptops and MacBooks are not designed to be repaired. All Apple wants is customers to buy the new model every time something breaks or stops functioning. This is achieved by engineering Apple devices as …

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Repairing Macbook Pro Retina turns on with black screen and chimes

Often we receive Macbooks failing due to overheating; this was one of those cases. However, what we were about to witness was one of those rare cases where almost every component on this Macbook failed. Even after so many failed components and quite a bill, the customer still wanted to have it repaired, as he …

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Macbook Retina Battery Replacement

Macbook Battery Replacement

This time we had a different repair for a change. We haven’t had a Macbook Retina Battery Replacement for a while, especially the Retina model. It was nice to have a different repair for a change. These models are solid Macbooks and one of the most robust models out there, the dedicated graphic card gives …

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Slow Macbook Repair and upgrade

Clogged up cooling system on MAcbook Pro

We have received a 2011 model Slow Macbook for Repair this week. It was working painfully slow also the trackpad was not clicking. We knew we have multiple issues and needed to give an accurate quote for the repair so the client could decide if it is worth fixing or be better off buying a …

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Macbook Air battery – Service Battery

Repairing Macbook Air with Service Battery sign

If your battery is showing Service Battery on the battery. That is usually an indicator that the battery needs to be replaced. We opened it apart and saw the Macbook is very dusty. That is one of the reasons these batteries overheat and their lifespan reduces greatly. We ensure that we provide only genuine batteries. …

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