Acer Aspire Spin Keyboard Replacement

With their slim design, these Acer Aspire Spin laptops are an absolute hit among students. 360 degrees rotating screen with touch functionality and half-day battery life is great when used at school. Although they are quite powerfull laptops, the built quality of these laptops are not that great and we often see them in our …

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Lenovo Yoga 730 Repair broken hinge support

This week, we received this Lenovo Yoga 730, which had its screen trying to separate while opening. To illustrate the issue properly, we took a couple of detailed photos of the problem and decided to explain how we repaired it. Due to the thin touch screen matrix design of these systems, it is very easy …

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Acer Chromebook Repair broken hinge support

Acer Chromebook Repair

Acer Chromebook Repair broken hinge is a common repair we get on most laptops. Laptop Hinges are susceptible to dust and fluff which collects and tightens the mechanism, causing hinge support to be under enormous pressure. This pressure causes hinge supporting plastics to snap and break. If we check the damage closely, we can see …

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Acer laptop broken hinge repair

Asus Broken Hinge Repair

A laptop screen may show deformations while it is being opened, like this Acer Spin 360 laptop with a broken hinge we received recently. If you notice the animation, the screen glass pops up a bit when the screen is opened. Acer laptop broken hinge Repair Process We have a couple of options here, to …

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