iMac Graphics Repair

iMacs are equipped with powerful graphic cards, capable of handling from video editing to continuous streaming. They are worshipped by designers and editors over the world for the capabilities and ease of use.

However, as any graphic cards, iMac graphic cards may fail and may need an iMac Graphic Repairs in Adelaide.

iMac Graphic Repair after colorful patches on screen
iMac Graphic Repair after colorful patches on screen

Graphic cards are a separate dedicated chip which is solely responsible to run graphic and video related calculations. Unlike CPU’s they generate much more heat and are prone to overheating and experiencing cold joints.

Why do we need iMac Graphic Repair in Adelaide?

Clogged up fan on Graphic Card Fan of 2012 iMac
Clogged up fan on Graphic Card Fan of 2012 iMac

Main Reason why Graphics Cards fails on iMacs is a heat. Dust and fluff trapped within the fan and radiator reduce the cooling of the iMac. This also increases the temperature within the iMac itself, pushing it is Graphic Card to overheat.

Seized thermal compound on iMac Graphic chip causing overheating
Seized thermal compound on iMac Graphic chip causing overheating

Unlike a CPU, Graphics card cannot throttle or reduce its performance while overheating. Heat pressure on the solder joints reaches almost a melting point and this is how little cracks occurs at the solder pads. These pads are the communication trace between the chip and the board.

iMac Graphic Repair process
iMac Graphic Repair process

Furthermore, when these communication layers get impacted, signals cannot pass as quickly as they used to. Resulting in Display receiving colourful patches or applications or even the system crashing randomly.

iMac Graphic Repair Process

Reflowing iMac Graphic chip with a white screen problem
Reflowing iMac GPU

Our workshop here in Adelaide is equipped with the state of the art repair equipment. Also, we have been doing these repairs since iMac’s start failing with Graphic Card issues. Experience wise we are the best in the field in providing iMac Graphic Card Repairs in Adelaide.

The repair process involves stripping down the iMac and reflowing it is a graphic chip under concentrated heat.

Symptoms suggesting a need for iMac Graphic Repair Adelaide:

  • iMac not loading completely repair
  • iMac unstable and crashing repair
  • While loading iMac kernel panic repair
  • iMac distortion on the screen repair
  • iMac Graphic Card Repair Adelaide
iMac Graphic Card Repairs Adelaide

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