Remove Apple Device from Find My Device using iCloud

Time needed: 10 minutes.

With the new generation Macbook’s, which requires a logic board or electronic repairs. We need to ensure that the device is unlocked and removed from your iCloud account.

This way, we do not risk the device getting locked while we work on it. Which, on the other hand, accelerates our turn around in fixing your Macbook.

Official Apple procedure is here. We also described it in a step by step details below.

  1. Log into iCloud

    Log into your account, which is associated with your device. This needs to be the account with iCloud activated on the Macbook you left with us for a repair.IT-Solve - iCloud Login Screen

  2. Find my iPhone

    Navigate to Find iPhone icon on the menu – Bottom Right
    IT-Solve - iCloud Selection Screen

  3. Choose the device, you have left with us for a repair

    Click on All Devices and choose the device you have left with us for repair. Ensure you choose the correct device!IT-Solve - iCloud Device Selection Screen

  4. Remove the device from your iCloud Account

    Once Device is selected, click on Remove from AccountIT-Solve - iCloud Remove Device

  5. Confirm Removal

    Confirm Device Removal from the iCloud Account
    IT-Solve - iCloud Device Removal

If after following these steps, you still cannot remove the device from your account – you need to contact AppleCare on 1300321456 regarding the issue. Please make sure you are ready to provide your serial number when contacting them (you can find it on your receipts or original box)
Once the device is removed, do let us know so we can proceed with the repair!