13″ Macbook Retina not turning on repair

13″ Macbook Retina not turning on repair in Adelaide

Macbook Retina 13" board not turning on
MacBook Retina 13″ board not turning on

This time we had Macbook Pro Retina 13″ with a logic board that had a liquid spillage on it. There was no light on the charger and no responding system to turn on signals.

Macbook & Laptop Repair in Adelaide include a couple of simple steps:

  1. Quote for the repair before any work is done, online or over the phone.
  2. Free pick up in Adelaide for eligible repairs. Alternatively, book an appointment to drop in for a quick assessment while you wait if happy with the received cost idea.
  3. Have a look in front of the customer and confirm the repair cost while the assessment is done.
  4. Diagnostic while repairing the equipment. This involves part testing/replacing and component repairing as we progress through the repair.
    If the repair cost has to change, we confirm with the client and give an option to cancel the repair if exceeds the customer’s budget. Diagnostic fees apply!
  5. Repairing the device within the initially agreed or approved amended cost and ensuring everything works as expected. Plus 30 Days warranty and support.
  6. Returning repaired system back, or pick it up from our workshop at the pre-arranged time.

We pulled the logic part out and start investigating the liquid damaged zones. Liquid damaged was around the SMC controller responsible for controlling which chip to allow the system to turn on and operate.

Repair Macbook Pro 13" SMC after liquid damage
Repair Macbook Pro 13″ SMC after liquid damage

Quick reflow of the SMC ensured that we got rid of the dirt and corrosion underneath.

Charging light on the Macbook after repairing corroded SMC
Charging light on the Macbook after repairing corroded SMC

Once SMC reflowed, we have got our light back on the charger and system turned on

Fan spins up on Macbook Retina after successful repair
The fan spins up on Macbook Retina after successful repair

System Turned on and display a picture. Next step was to ultrasound clean the logic board and test the system

Ultrasound cleaning Macbook Pro 13" Logic Board
Ultrasound cleaning Macbook Pro 13″ Logic Board

With the ultrasonic cleaner, we ensure that the logic board gets rid of all the unwanted dirt and oxidation around and underneath the components.

We assembled the Macbook and due to the customer’s screen has been broken we tested with our test screen to ensure the system is turning on and reaching the point where it looks for the operating system.

In case you have a Macbook which is not behaving as expected and need a repair always rely on professionals, These are expensive computers and small mistake may cause you a fortune. Apple electronics are extremely sensitive to ESD and any mishandling may result in damaged logic board.

Please note: This is a showcase of our services, not a tutorial in any sense.  We wouldn't recommend following any of the steps of the article or video to repair your Device yourself! These are sensitive electronics and can get damaged unavoidably! You wouldn't want to be in a situation of your Apple Device worth a lot, being bricked.

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