Chromebook Repair in Adelaide

Chromebook Repair in Adelaide

Chrome OS is missing or damaged

Angela, the owner of this Chromebook had terrible experience. Just one day out of warranty and it decide not to work anymore. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to get it repaired by various repair shops in Adelaide, they found us and we were quick to respond.

After initial diagnostic onsite we suspected issues with the storage system and took the Chromebook in our workshop. Where we completed set of diagnostics, they confirmed faulty SSD.

Chromebook No bootable Kernel found repair service

Quickly we contacted Angela and break her the news, by giving her quote for the repair and timeframes. She was delighted of the possibility of repair. End of the day this is just a year old Acer Chromebook, which even didn’t had chance to get dusty inside.


We quickly replaced the faulty part and installed fresh Chrome OS on the Chromebook.

Chromebook SSD replacement

Each installation image for Chromebooks is different as they are based on different kernels. Much more like a Linux operating systems for embedded hardware. After preparing the image we start the process.

Installation was a swipe, they are indeed fast machines. And having new generation SSD drives, indeed adds to the speed.

In case you have a Chromebook with issue involving taking it apart and need a repair always rely on professionals, Chromebook’s are reliable laptops and small mistake may cause you a troubles down the road.

Couple hours later, we had our Chromebook running and ready to be returned back to the Angela.

It was done in such a quick swipe that Angela wasn’t expecting it so quick. When we called her to ask when we can return it, she was so delighted and excited to use it. You can read her feedback over here, and her awful experience with this lovely Chromebook.
Thank you Angela for the lovely review and do let us know if any issues occurs with it. We are here to help!

Please note: This is a showcase of our services, not a tutorial in any sense. 
We wouldn't recommend following any of the steps of the to repair your Chromebook yourself! 
These are sensitive electronics and can get damaged unavoidably! 
You wouldn't wanna be in a situation of your Chromebook worth a lot being bricked.

Do you need Chromebook Repair in Adelaide?

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