Macbook Air Repair- There may be an issue with the fan repair

Usually, when we get Macbooks fr a repair they are either in a completely non-turning on stage or there is a clear history of what happened to them. This time we had this 2017 model Macbook Air for repair, which was with us for a broken screen replacement 4 months ago. We remember clearly the customer being in doubt regarding the screen replacement and considering buying new Macbook Air instead.

And we are so glad he listened to our advice and decided to get it repaired then. Often people think that we need to keep updating our laptops, computers, mobile phones even cars every couple of years to keep up with the trend. Unfortunately, one part which gets missed out every time is the durability and repairability of the new equipment.

New laptops and MacBooks are engineered with planned obsolescence in the design. By restricting access to chips, schematics and ramping up costs of parts. Manufacturers shrink the gap between parts cost and replacement cost of the new equipment, by removing modular design and fusing multiple modules into one module. This way if a sound module fails on a 2019 Macbook Air, for example, you will need a whole motherboard replacement due to the sound chip design being tightly coupled with the T2 chipset. New logic board replacement would cost 1000$ for example. While 2017 model that would a replacement daughterboard, which costs 200$.

Let’s not forget that all this equipment ends up non completely recyclable somewhere in the toxic landfills of various countries.

Macbook Air Repair Procedure

There may be an issue with the fan error message on the diagnostic screen

When the customer ran a diagnostic he was presented with this message “There may be an issue with the fan PPF004”. Usually, this means a failed fan and is a pretty easy replacement.

Not this time though, when we took apart the Macbook air, we could clearly see liquid damage within the MacBook.

Liquid Damage on Macbook Air with a fan error

This is considered as a liquid damage Macbook Repair case. Our Adelaide workshop is well equipped to deal with these failures. Additionally, being a Macbook with a magnetic charger would make our repair process easier hence lower cost for a repair.

Please note: This is not educational material. It is rather a showcase of the services we offer.
Therefore, it should be used as general guidance on what to expect of such repairs.
In case you have a similar device and need the repair, always rely on professionals. These are sensitive electronic devices, and small mistakes may cause irreversible electronic damage. Which may require whole part replacement for 2 or 3 times the cost.

Cleaning and resoldering oxidated parts of the circuitry

Although there was not much liquid damage on the board, a slight amount was enough to knock off usage of this Macbook Air.

We have a sophisticated equipment workshop with high accuracy microscope, ultrasonic cleaning bath, reflow machine, and tools for micro soldering to achieve high-quality logic boards repairs. With thousands of components in stock, we quickly locate and replace failed components!


Successful Macbook Air Repair

With identified and cleaned oxidation from the board now we could assemble the Macbook and run a diagnostic.

Diagnostic on Macbook air passing with flying colours

Luckily for this customer, he listened to our advice 4 months ago and haven’t bought a new Macbook Air when his screen was cracked. Otherwise, we may not have been successful in repairing the new Macbook Air now. Liquid damage repairs on 2018 and onward Macbooks is unfortunately quite costly due to the engineering designs with obsolescence in mind as we mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Do you need this Repair in Adelaide?

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Interstate? Why not Send IT for a Repair. Repairs take under three weeks, including forward and backward postage. Contact us to get an idea of cost and turnarounds.

We at IT-Solve, specialise in Apple Mac and electronics repairs. We will do our best to repair your Mac quickly without involving high costs and long waiting times in repair shops. Our average repair takes under a week!

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Repaired, not Replaced!

We are committed to reducing e-waste in Australia. How we do it is by educating our customers on the reparability and longevity of their devices, as well as providing affordable Macbook Repairs here in Adelaide.
Although our best intentions and hard work, this is not an easy task. Customers must accept that cost of high-quality electronic repairs, is between a third and half of the price of a new device. However, with the current trend of planned obsolescence in electronic design, we see more and more Macbooks having shorter lifespans. To tackle that, while we do our repairs we target common planned obsolescence engineering design mistakes to ensure we extend the life expectancy of the Macbooks we repair. Check some of our Macbook Repair Cases to get an idea of the process.

That said, if we buy a new one or write it off via insurance, it does not guarantee that the new one will not meet the same fate as the older one pretty soon.
As matter of fact, quite often we see accidents reoccurring within less than 2-year gaps. If we can save 2000$ or even 1000$ today by repairing our faulty Macbook is brilliant. That’s an extra half Macbook cost ready to be spent on another one when the time comes or our need for performance increases.
When that time comes is up to us to buy a new one or keep pushing the one we have, but delaying it by a year or three is always a good starting point and saves another abandoned Macbook from polluting our one and only Planet.