Repair, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Planet

No reuse. No parts harvesting. No resale

We do not pretend to recycle laptops by taking them back for “recycling” by deeming no part availability. Therefore trying to upsell a new one, while probably less than 13% of the faulty ones get recycled by Apple or other manufacturers. 
We do not support electronic manufacturers’ commitments to offsetting carbon emissions by planting new trees in tree rich areas. At the same time increasing manufacturing capacity and polluting whole cities. Meanwhile releasing more potential e-waste as new products by reducing reparability and longevity of the new products in return of higher sale numbers.

In the era of the annual smartphone upgrade, our perceptions have changed. Manufacturers control how their technology becomes obsolete and insist on selling you a new one instead of providing or suggesting affordable reparability. We all know how our phone becomes slow the minute we upgrade to the latest version.
The sheer amount of Laptop Hinge Repairs or Macbook Screen Replacements we get shows clearly how planned obsolescence is implemented in the design.

We do stuff differently in IT-Solve. Rather than replacing a whole logic board or even suggesting customers purchase a new laptop, we repair electronics by identifying and replacing faulty chips. This way we repair your existing MacBook or Laptop – that’s 100% recycling there with no damage to the planet. No extra resources wasted in manufacturing a new one and less e-waste junk to the environment.
We are not scared of doing a bit more extra work to reduce the cost to the customer.
Most importantly, though, reducing consumption of more resources – plastics, copper, aluminium in the manufacturing process.
As a result, reducing the e-wasting of a perfectly repairable laptop or MacBook is our commitment to a sustainable Planet!