Macbook Pro repair with no display – 2012 model

Often we see Macbooks which have one issue, and it is straight forward for us to quote the repair upfront. This was no ordinary day.

We had this piece of art and example of a durability 2012 model, 13″ Macbook Pro which was working slow.
We followed the drills and run quick diagnostic on it and hard drive showed failure, as expected on this models.

Macbook Question Mark Folder Repair

Macbook question mark folder repair

Recently we had this 13″ Macbook Pro 2011 which had a question mark folder on startup. Although bit aged, 2011 Macbook Pro is still highly sought after model, which customers like to keep due to their reliability and sturdiness. Blinking question mark folder usually means that the hard drive is not accessible by the system. … Read more

MacBook Pro Adware virus clean

Cleaning Mac Adware Cleaner virus from Mac This week we had this MacBook Pro 2010 model with Cleaning Mac Adware Cleaner Infection. Even though Mac computers are robust against virus infections, they often catch this kind of virus. Its sole purpose is to push advertisements into web pages which the user browse. Adware ads displayed through … Read more