iMac White Screen Repair on Startup

iMac’s are powerful systems relied upon as a sturdy workforce. Regardless of their size and year of manufacturing, they come with powerful processors and dedicated graphics cards.

They are the best choice when we need a powerful computer which can do the heavy lifting without too much stress.

iMac white screen repair
iMac white screen repair

However, like all other computers, these iMacs cooling systems rely on fans. Three powerful fans circulate fresh air from the bottom of the iMac into the system and push the hot air out towards the top of the system.

Unfortunately with all the dust and fluff around us, it is inevitable it ends up inside of the system and gets piled over the fans and radiators. This clogs the cooling system, causing it to overheat and damage the graphics card.

As a result, we may see the iMac stuck on the white screen while loading. Although this seems like a corrupted operating system or damaged hard drive simple Apple Test can reveal the faulty part straight away.

Repair Process

A straight forward option here is to replace the graphic card with a new one. However, due to the popularity of these iMac and seized production of these Graphic Cards they are hard to find on the market.

Hence we try to repair them first by reflowing them with our graphic card repair equipment. This resolves majority of iMac white screen problems by repairing them.

iMac opened for repair
iMac opened for repair

When opened we can see how clogged the fans are, with dust and fluff collected over the years. This is the main reason for the majority of the failures on these iMacs. From hard drive failure to graphic card problems with iMac, heat is the number one enemy of the electronics.

A clogged fan on iMac with a white screen problem
A clogged fan on iMac with a white screen problem

Graphics card on the other side is located under a massive heatsink. This allows quicker transmission of the heat away from the chip.

Dismantling graphics card from an iMac for a repair

When looked into the graphics card, it consists of the main chip and additional components around it to keep it working. The main graphics chip has a thermal compound on top to distribute the heat to the radiator quickly and easily. Over the years, this thermal compound dries out and loses its capabilities to transfer heat to the radiator. Thus resulting in chip overheating and partially losing connection.

Graphics card of iMac needing a repair
Graphics card of iMac needing a repair

iMac White Screen Repair service we offer here in Adelaide includes a couple of simple steps:

  1. Get a Quote for the repair before any work is done, even over the phone.
  2. Free pick up from the client’s location in Adelaide. Or alternatively, drop in for a quick check while you wait.
  3. Confirming final cost and “Go” from the client.
  4. Repairing and ensuring everything works as expected.
  5. Returning repaired system back to the client. Or the client can pick it up from our workshop.

A graphic card repair requires equipment which can resolder the chip back to its place under high heat.

Reflow process on an iMac graphic card with a White Screen issue

This process allows the chip to get resoldered and allow better communication between the chip and board it is soldered to.

Graphic Card Reflow on iMac with  a white screen problem
Graphic Card Reflow on iMac with a white screen problem

We have sophisticated equipment in our workshop with high accuracy microscope, ultrasonic cleaning bath, reflow machine and tools for micro soldering to achieve high-quality logic board repairs. With hundreds of components in stock, we can quickly locate and replace faulty chips, resistors, and capacitors in Macbooks.

Reflowing the graphic chip requires following a reflow procedure which resolders the chip. It is a complicated procedure and too long to explain here. Feel free to have a chat with our engineers if you would like to understand the process.

The Result

Once the repair is completed, we assemble back the iMac and run overnight heavy graphic tests. These tests are much heavier than the usual usage of these computers. And if repair is not stable, we would catch issues during these tests.

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Please note: This is not an educational material,
it is rather a showcase of services we offer.
Therefore, it should be used as general guidance of what to expect of such repairs.

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