Dell XPS Screen Replacement

Dell XPS Screen Replacement

Another rather unexpected case we had this week was with this Dell XPS 13 laptop. Customer had her laptop screen chewed by her dog. He must be looking for his chewing toy.

It was challenging to find this screen due to been non standard color, rose gold in fact. But our DELL supplier ensured us that we can have it no matter what.

Laptop broken glass repair service we offer here in Adelaide includes couple simple steps:

  1. Quote over the phone
  2. Picking up damaged Laptop from client’s location.
  3. Replacing or repairing Laptop broken screen.
  4. Returning repaired Laptop back to the client.

We order it from our DELL supplier abroad and had it delivered in under two weeks. Pretty fast right, considering packages from NSW comes in a week time!

When screen arrived it was perfect, exactly same color and model.

We did not waste any time and fit the screen immediately.

In case you have a Laptop with broken screen and need a repair always rely on professionals, these are expensive equipment and small mistake may cause you a fortune.

We ran tests on the laptop to ensure it works fine and rushed to return it back to the customer.

End result was quick and professionally repaired XPS Dell laptop which we returned back to the client in no time.

Please note: This is a showcase of our services, not a tutorial in any sense. 
We wouldn't recommend following any of the steps of the video to repair your Macbook yourself! 
These are sensitive electronics and can get damaged unavoidably! 
You wouldn't wanna be in a situation of Macbook worth a lot being bricked.

Do you need Laptop Screen Repair Service in Adelaide?

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