Liquid spilled Macbook Repair in Adelaide

Liquid Damaged Macbook Pro Retina Repair in Adelaide

Macbook Retina Repair - liquid damage

We have been called out for Macbook Pro Retina which had blueberry smoothie spilled on it. Although smoothies are healthy for us, Macbooks don’t like them much.

Thankfully Diane, responded quickly on the spillage and called us immediately for an advice. Macbook Pro Retina Repairs especially with  liquid accidents are something we see often. And we know best that soon they are repaired, higher chances for survival there are.

That was exactly what happened with her Macbook, she called us for an advice.

Advice to her was to switch it off by holding the power button until screen goes off and turn it upside down on it’s keyboard. With an open lid on a corner of a table over a towel, so any liquid can drain out until we arrive.

We quickly assessed the damage on site and took it for a liquid spillage Macbook Repair. Taken apart we could see red smoothie stucked around the bottom left corner, where the power source is. Really bad place this Macbook to be spilled with a drink!

Liquid spilled Macbook Retina Repair

Closely examined motherboard showed early signs of oxidation on couple spots, even after just 5-6 hours after the spilled drink on this Macbook.


We can see how even even after short time as such, corrosion reaches serious levels. Blueish spot in the middle next to the square chip is actual oxidation spot, also liquid trace can be seen ho it entered through the screen-hinge area across the keyboard and through the back into the motherboard. Even the liquid can be seen collected at the bottom of the board being still wet.

Mainly due to the integrated battery, which constantly fuels the chemical reaction and oxidizes the components. If one relies liquid to dry on itself, this Macbook may not even survive.

Oxidation on the chips of Liquid damaged Macbook Pro Retina

In case you have a Macbook and spilled liquid accidentally, do call us to arrange a repair. Longer you wait for the repair, worse the situation becomes. And much harder for us, and expensive for you repair will become.

We use ultrasonic bath with a special solution to clean even smallest residue left from the spilled liquid.

Macbook Repair - Logic board fresh after a ultrasonic bath

After thorough inspection and diagnostic of the repair we assemble the Macbook and do another round of tests, to ensure all modules are working as expected.

Liquid spilled Macbook Repair service

Once we were confident that our repair was successful, we called Diane to arrange a convenient time to return her Macbook fully repaired. She was so delighted and dropped as a great review. Thanks Diane for your nice words.

Please note: This is a showcase of our services, not a tutorial in any sense. 
We wouldn't recommend following any of the steps of the video to repair your Macbook yourself! 
These are sensitive electronics and can get damaged unavoidably! 
You wouldn't wanna be in a situation of Macbook worth a lot being bricked.

Did you spilled something on your Macbook and need Macbook repair service in Adelaide?

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