Slow iMac repair – SSD Upgrade and Hard Drive replacement

Slow iMac repair – SSD Upgrade and Hard Drive replacement

Slow iMac repair
Slow iMac repair

We do slow iMac repairs quite often. Underlying issue causing this suffer sometimes is just cluttered operating system. Other times they have been upgraded to the latest OSx and 4-6 years old iMac hardware cannot handle it.

None of these issues was the cause for us being called-out for slow iMac repair at this customer’s office this time.

Customer complained with iMac being slow even when they use just office package. It is office computer and there were no heavy usage on it at all. Still it was taking more than 30-50 seconds for Microsoft Word to launch.

We immediately noticed slow Hard Drive performance and suggested to collect the iMac and run diagnostic at our workshop. Our hunch didn’t mislead us, diagnostic we run on the hard drive definitely proved us that hard drive was suffering extensive overheating. As a result iMac was taking time to respond to commands due to hard drive’s poor reading performance.


slow iMac repair with failed Hard Drive
Slow iMac repair with failed Hard Drive

We called the customer and explained him what has failed and why they’ve experienced performance issues. As a part of the slow iMac repair service, we offered Hard Drive replacement. Although new hard drive fitted, we warned them that if they want to use OSx Sierra with 2011 iMac. They will achieve better performance with SSD fitted rather than ordinary mechanical Hard Drive.

Even though they were positive for SSD drive replacement on their iMac. They had limited budget for 512GB or 900GB SSD drive, and their data being way over 300GB wasn’t helpful at all.
Seeing that we came to the suggestion of using small 120 GB SSD drive for the operating system itself and applications. Which drive we could fit on the Optical Drive’s place. Because customer wasn’t using his Optical Drive, it was even better for us, as we needed that precious space to fit the SSD drive.

Have a look at the video we made, which will give you an idea what steps we took of this slow iMac repair.

iMac SSD Replacement / Upgrade
iMac SSD Replacement and Upgrade

Due to the affordable price of 120GB SSD drives these days, we also could fit additionally standard 1TB HDD on faulty hard drive’s place. This was hit combination! As SSD drives are notorious for their blazing speed, and we could keep customer’s data on the 1TB HDD which would have plenty of space for their needs. We end up with two hard drive fitting in this iMac.

iMac upgrade SSD and HDD drive
iMac upgrade SSD and HDD drive

We also gave thorough “spring clean” to the iMac. Otherwise new Hard Drive would fail within couple of months if not serviced.

Overheating iMac running slow repair
Overheating iMac running slow repair


Final result was stunning iMac, handling with ease latest OSx Sierra and with astonishingly fast SSD drive. And not to forget the second hard drive coming with enormous space for their all necessary data.

Slow iMac repair with replacement SSD and HD
Slow iMac repair with replacement SSD and HD
Please note: This is a showcase of our services, not a tutorial in any sense. 
We wouldn't recommend following any of the steps of the video to repair your iMac yourself! 
These are sensitive electronics and can get damaged unavoidably! 
You wouldn't wanna be in a situation of iMac worth couple of thousands being bricked.

Here it is. Another happy customer which called us with slow iMac repair issue and end up with blazing fast cutting edge affordable upgrade!



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