iMac Graphic Repair

iMac Graphic Repair after colorful patches on screen

We absolutely love these 27″ iMac’s, although they are 2009-2013 models they are so powerful that can last for another 5 years with no doubt. However like any other iMacs and Mac computer they have a weakness – the heat. When they get clogged with dust and fluff, their cooling system becomes ineffective. Exactly this …

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Macbook Graphic Repairs

Macbook with a White Screen due to a graphic problem

Macbook Graphic Repairs in Adelaide Another Macbook we had recently with Distortion on the screen. It fails to load into the operating system. Although, it looks like an issue caused by a damaged operating system or hard drive. We could see the horizontal pinkish lines on the screen. Macbook Graphic card repair service we offer …

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