Dell Inspiron 15 no power repair

Dell Inspiron 15 light goes on on charger when connected

Dell Inspiron 15 No Power Repair which arrive in our workshop. It is a flagship model of the Inspiron 7000 series with a powerful i7 CPU paired with Nvidia GPU. These are powerful tough laptops. however, having a powerful Processor and Graphics card inside guarantees that heat dissipation will be high. As a result, often …

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HP Envy 15 No Picture Repair after a drop

Fault Diagnosis on HP Envy 15 with No Picture

Once in a blue moon, we get straightforward repairs like this HP Envy 15 No Picture Repair after a drop. This HP Envy had a slight drop, which was enough to render the screen black and not show any picture. Fault Diagnosis of HP Envy 15 with No Picture The first quick test we perform …

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Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop Liquid Damage Repair – Leaked water bottle in a backpack

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Liquid Damage Repair - Turns on with a black screen

This week we had a Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop for a liquid damage repair. The customer’s water bottle had leaked inside of his backpack and went into the laptop. As a result, this Microsoft Surface Laptop encountered water damage and a swift repair was required. As of today, these models are less than 3 months …

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Asus UX433 Repair – black screen after a fall

Asus UX433 Repair - black screen after a fall

We are used to getting lucky when we drop our phones and they do not get damaged. Unfortunately, this luck runs out pretty quickly when we accidentally drop 2-3kg laptop. We received this Asus UX433 Repair – black screen after a fall in our Adelaide workshop recently. It is a great light laptop. However, like …

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Lenovo Thinkpad E14 broken screen replacement

Lenovo E14 Repair with a cracked screen

This Lenovo Thinkpad E14 came for a broken screen replacement. It has colourful lines across the screen. Indicating a broken screen that needs replacement. New generation laptops are designed around thin frames, which unfortunately does not provide the sturdiness and support needed for the screen and hinges. As seen on our common laptop hinge repairs …

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