Macbook Pro A1502 Battery Replacement

A1502 Macbook Pro Battery Service Recommended

Batteries of newer Macbooks have an average lifespan of around 2 years. The main cause is heat trapped within, which degrades the cells much faster than usual. We are pleasantly surprised today to receive an 8-year-old Macbook with a failed battery. That’s 8 years in service without a hiccup, marvellous machines they were. Macbook Pro …

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Macbook Retina Battery Replacement

Macbook Battery Replacement

This time we had a different repair for a change. We haven’t had a Macbook Retina Battery Replacement for a while, especially the Retina model. It was nice to have a different repair for a change. These models are solid Macbooks and one of the most robust models out there, the dedicated graphic card gives …

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