Macbook Dim Screen Repair after a spilled coffee

Macbook Repair with a dim screen

This week we have got a Macbook for a Repair that came with a Dim Screen. As a result of the customer spilling a coffee on it over 2 years ago. Usually, we highly advise any liquid damaged electronics to be repaired within 24hours of the spillage. As explained in ours What to do when …

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Macbook Pro touchbar not charging repair

Macbook not charging via any of the ports

What do you do when all 4 charging ports on your MacBook are not operating anymore?That was the question we have got from the owner of this 13″ MacbooK Pro with a Tocuhbar. It lost charging capabilities through its all 4 ports after being temperamental for awhile. The first thing we did was to check …

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13″ Macbook Air 2017 Water Damage Repair

Macbook Air liquid damage repair

Fresh Macbook Air Water Damage Repair we have got this week was this 13″ Macbook Air. Customer’s water bottle opened in his backpack and leaked inside, next to the Macbook. By the time customer realised the leak, Macbook was sitting in a puddle of water. By the time it came to us it was completely …

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A1707 Macbook Pro 2018 Water Damage Repair

Another high profile A1707 Macbook Liquid Damage Repair case we have received this week was this 15 Macbook Retina 2018 model. It appeared to have a liquid spillage through the charging ports and kept working for a couple of days. Then suddenly one morning this Macbook refused to turn on and needed a repair. The …

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