Macbook Intermittent shutdown repair – A1706

Macbook Not turning on

This time we got a Macbook A1706, experiencing intermittent shutdowns. After Macbook shut down, it would not turn on for a period of time.Clearly, The customer was in need of some kind of Macbook Intermittent shutdown repair service in Adelaide but was not clear exactly what.He called us and we have advised him to come …

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Apple Mac water spilled repair

Water spilled Mac is often seen coming to our workshop. But rarely we get customers responding so instant to the water spillage and rushing to get it repaired quickly. This customer was very aware of the seriousness when water gets spilled over a Mac keyboard. And rushed as quickly as possible to us rather than …

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Macbook Pro not turning on Repair A1706

Macbook Not turning on Repair

One very challenging repair we had this week was this 2018 model A1706 Macbook Pro. It is the new generation USB-C type Macbook pro which is not turning on and needed a repair. Water damage was the reason why this lovely Macbook had a sudden death. Literally within a couple of hours after water spilled …

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Macbook Keyboard Replacement A1534

Macbook Keyboard Replacement

Another liquid damaged Macbook for keyboard replacement we have received this week was this A1534 Macbook. The customer tried to clean the keyboard by spraying a cleaner on the keyboard and wiping it off. But these new butterfly design keyboards are so thin and fragile, that a little drop of water is enough to render …

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Not Charging Water damage Macbook Pro Repair

Recently we have received this late 2019 not charging water damaged Macbook Pro for repair. It was fully functional apart than not charging. Although functional, we knew that if left untreated this MacBook will seize functions. We wanted to see how intense the damage is, so we took it apart and start inspecting. It was …

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