Macbook Intermittent shutdown repair – A1706

Macbook Not turning on

This time we got a Macbook A1706, experiencing intermittent shutdowns. After Macbook shut down, it would not turn on for a period of time.Clearly, The customer was in need of some kind of Macbook Intermittent shutdown repair service in Adelaide but was not clear exactly what.He called us and we have advised him to come …

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Dell XPS 15 Laptop turns on with no picture

Dell XPS 15 laptop turns on with no picture

Another laptop we have received was this Dell XPS 15 laptop that turns on with no picture. We knew straightforward this was a bios issue, as the customer mentioned that there were updates ongoing before it rebooted with a black screen. It is always useful to know the history of the issue and what happened …

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Macbook Pro not turning on Repair A1706

Macbook Not turning on Repair

One very challenging repair we had this week was this 2018 model A1706 Macbook Pro. It is the new generation USB-C type Macbook pro which is not turning on and needed a repair. Water damage was the reason why this lovely Macbook had a sudden death. Literally within a couple of hours after water spilled …

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