Macbook Pro touchbar not charging repair

Macbook not charging via any of the ports

What do you do when all 4 charging ports on your MacBook are not operating anymore?That was the question we have got from the owner of this 13″ MacbooK Pro with a Tocuhbar. It lost charging capabilities through its all 4 ports after being temperamental for awhile. The first thing we did was to check … Read more

Macbook Pro 13″ Repair – Not turning on after a liquid spillage

Macbook Pro not turning on after liquid damage

Macbook Pro with a Liquid spillage is a common repair we get. This 13″ Macbook Pro was one of those cases. Liquid spilled over the keyboard has damaged the Macbook to a state where it was not turning on anymore. Firstly we checked if there was a current consumption by the system. As seen on … Read more

A1707 Macbook Pro 2018 Water Damage Repair

Another high profile A1707 Macbook Liquid Damage Repair case we have received this week was this 15 Macbook Retina 2018 model. It appeared to had a liquid spillage through the charging ports and kept working for a couple of days. Then suddenly one morning this Macbook refused to turn on and needed a repair. The … Read more

Apple Mac water spilled repair

Water spilled Mac is often seen coming to our workshop. But rarely we get customers responding so instant to the water spillage and rushing to get it repaired quickly. This customer was very aware of the seriousness when water gets spilled over a Mac keyboard. And rushed as quickly as possible to us rather than … Read more

Macbook Pro not turning on Repair A1706

Macbook Not turning on Repair

One very challenging repair, we had this week was this 2018 model A1706 Macbook Pro. It is the new generation USB-C type Macbook pro which is not turning on and needed a repair. Water damage was the reason why this lovely Macbook had a sudden death. Literally within a couple of hours after water spilled … Read more

Macbook Retina water spillage repair

One of the repairs we have got this week was this 13″ Macbook Pro Retina 2015 A1502 model. These are very popular models and last of the kind with the nice keyboard before Apple transitioned to butterfly keyboards. Naturally, customers want to keep these Macbook laptops as long as possible, but accidents happen regardless of … Read more

Not Charging Water damage Macbook Pro Repair

Recently we have received this late 2019 not charging water damaged Macbook Pro for repair. It was fully functional apart than not charging. Although functional, we knew that if left untreated this MacBook will seize functions. We wanted to see how intense the damage is, so we took it apart and start inspecting. It was … Read more

2019 Macbook Air water damage repair

Macbook Air water damage

Accidents happen, and they happen usually at the worst time possible. When everyone relies on their computers at these difficult times, Macbook water damage is the worst can happen. When this lady’s Macbook had water damage, she got worried that it may damage her 2019 model Macbook Air and called us for advice. Although Macbook … Read more

Macbook Air Backlight Repair

Macbook Air Backlight Repair

Repairing Macbook Air with backlight issues caused by liquid damage Macbook we have received this week was sent to us from interstate and had issues with its backlight. The customer called us early last week and described the issue he was facing.We were well aware of what was happening by his explanations, hence we able … Read more

13″ Macbook Retina not turning on repair

Reflow SMC on Macbook Retina

13″ Macbook Retina not turning on repair in Adelaide This time we had Macbook Pro Retina 13″ with a logic board that had a liquid spillage on it. There was no light on the charger and no responding system to turn on signals. We pulled the logic part out and start investigating the liquid damaged … Read more

Macbook Air not turning on repair in Adelaide

Macbook Air not turning on repair in Adelaide We are dealing today with Macbook Air which shows no light on the charger and not turning on. The issue occurred after a customer spilled liquid over the Macbook and kept using it until it stops turning on. We took the Macbook apart and start investigating the … Read more

Macbook Air charging but not turning on repair

Macbook Air charging but not turning on repair in Adelaide Another lovely Macbook Air A1466 we have received which is showing orange light on the charger, but refuses to turn on. We took the Macbook apart and start investigating the issue preventing it from turning on. On initial inspection, we have spotted multiple heavy corrosion … Read more

Repair Liquid damaged Macbook Pro Non-Touchbar

Repairing liquid damaged Macbook in Adelaide This poor Macbook decided to do not turn on one day. Leaving it’s owner with no backup option for her exam preparations. It just died taking with itself all of her school assignments. One of the most common repairs we receive are liquid damaged Macbooks. There is some universe … Read more

Liquid spilled Macbook Repair in Adelaide

Liquid Damaged Macbook Pro Retina Repair in Adelaide We have been called out for Macbook Pro Retina which had blueberry smoothie spilled on it. Although smoothies are healthy for us, Macbooks don’t like them much. Thankfully Diane, responded quickly on the spillage and called us immediately for an advice. Macbook Pro Retina Repairs especially with  liquid accidents are something we see … Read more