Liquid spilled Macbook Repair in Adelaide

Liquid Damaged Macbook Pro Retina Repair in Adelaide We have been called out for Macbook Pro Retina which had blueberry smoothie spilled on it. Although smoothies are healthy for us, Macbooks don’t like them much. Thankfully Diane, responded quickly on the spillage and called us immediately for an advice. Macbook Pro Retina Repairs especially with  liquid accidents are something we see … Read more

MacBook Pro Adware virus clean

Cleaning Mac Adware Cleaner virus from Mac This week we had this MacBook Pro 2010 model with Cleaning Mac Adware Cleaner Infection. Even though Mac computers are robust against virus infections, they often catch this kind of virus. Its sole purpose is to push advertisements into web pages which the user browse. Adware ads displayed through … Read more