Repairing Lenovo Yoga not turning on

Repairing No charging light on Lenovo Yoga

This weekend we have this lovely Lenovo Yoga laptop which had an unexpected problem. It went to sleep and never woke up. When the power button was pressed there was no response from the laptop, neither there was a charge on the Lenovo laptop charging port. We were expecting to find terrible corrosion on the …

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Chromebook Repair in Adelaide

Chromebook Repair in Adelaide Chrome OS is missing or damaged Angela, the owner of this Chromebook had terrible experience. Just one day out of warranty and it decide not to work anymore. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to get it repaired by various repair shops in Adelaide, they found us and we were quick to respond. After …

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Black screen Laptop Repair in Adelaide

Black Screen Laptop Repair in Adelaide This small Acer came with quite unusual problem, where laptop turns on but there is no picture on the screen. Laptop lights are on, even the keyboard backlight was on. But there was no picture on either internal, or external HDMI screen. We quickly took the laptop apart and start …

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Laptop Power Jack Repair for Asus TP300L

Asus TP300L Laptop Power Jack Repair service Laptop power jack repair is one of the common repairs we get with laptops. Thats being the case especially if they had history of being dropped or received impact in the power connector area. Often we receive laptops which won’t charge caused by issues such as: physical impact on the …

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Windows startup repair

Windows Startup Repair of HP Compaq Pro 6300 We had HP Compaq Pro 6300, this week with virus infection. As a result laptop couldn’t proceed with Windows Startup Repair. Every time laptop reboots, it was ending in windows startup repair screen. In effect user couldn’t access their data and system was unusable. First thing of course was to …

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Laptop with black screen after startup repair

Lenovo laptop with black screen after startup repair We received this nice Lenovo laptop which keeps restarting with black screen. It is a fault caused in most cases by faulty hard drive or corrupted operating systems. To determine what was causing laptop keep restarting with black screen issue, we start with hard drive diagnostic. As …

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