HP Steam Keyboard Replacement

A liquid can be a type of enemy you would not want around your electronics. Like this HP Keyboard Replacement repair, we had recently. The spilled liquid went all the way over the keyboard and rendered couple keys non-functioning. The lady tried to lift up the keys, even used a blow dryer to dry the …

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Dell laptop repair working slow

This Dell laptop was brought to us by a customer who was using it regularly on the field. And although it was used mainly for business work it also had fair graphic-intensive usage too, mainly for streaming and some video editing. It was clear that it needed a dell laptop repair. The issue customer was …

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Dell XPS 15 Laptop turns on with no picture

Dell XPS 15 laptop turns on with no picture

Another laptop we have received was this Dell XPS 15 laptop that turns on with no picture. We knew straightforward this was a bios issue, as the customer mentioned that there were updates ongoing before it rebooted with a black screen. It is always useful to know the history of the issue and what happened …

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Lenovo laptop turns on with no picture repair

Lenovo Laptop turns on with no picture

Very rarely, a laptop turning on with no picture would be anything different than a screen or graphic related problem, especially if there is no liquid history or any other damage to the laptop. And it seems like neither of these happened, and now this Lenovo Laptop turns on with no picture. Repair would require …

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Razer Laptop Blue Screen Repair

Razer laptop with random blue screens

An unusual repair we had was this Razer laptop which suddenly start freezing and showed blue screens. Even after Windows reinstallation, the laptop’s blue screen kept reoccurring randomly. The customer tried to reinstall the operating system, but even after that the system was freezing intermittently and showing randomly blue screens. Locating the fault with Razer …

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Asus broken power jack repair

Power jacks are solid connectors and are mechanically designed to withstand heavy usage. But like everything else, they worn out as time passes. Thus resulting in Laptop not charging issues or Power Jack problems and require a power jack repair. Asus broken power jack Repair Process This is a straightforward repair where we take the …

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Acer Aspire not turning on Repair

Acer Aspire not turning on Repair This poor Acer had a fall from a coffee table and since then it was refusing to turn on. There were no lights and no response from it. After stripping down the laptop and taking out the motherboard, we start measuring it. We drilled down to the bits of …

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Dell won’t turn on laptop repair

  Dell won’t turn on – laptop repair service in Adelaide This week we have received this Dell N5050 laptop which refuses to turn on when power button is pressed. Additionally, every time when the power supply is attached to the back of the laptop, it’s light goes off as it shorts. We were hoping …

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Laptop with black screen after startup repair

Lenovo laptop with black screen after startup repair We received this nice Lenovo laptop which keeps restarting with black screen. It is a fault caused in most cases by faulty hard drive or corrupted operating systems. To determine what was causing laptop keep restarting with black screen issue, we start with hard drive diagnostic. As …

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